end of this journey

Posted on February 18 2017

dear #umanounion,

it is with massive gratitude that I announce the end of an inconceivably meaningful chapter. 

umano will operate through the end of february and give our last 1,000 backpacks full of art supplies.

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  • a preview into festival season: six you don't wanna miss

    Posted on February 25 2016

    festival season is just around the corner, #umanounion. we wanted to be the first to let you in on the most musically inspiring, eclectically trendy list of festivals on the...

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  • making art with chunks of metal

    Posted on February 18 2016

    johnny cash would be proud. we harnessed his all black errthing mojo and did a badass photoshoot we’re pretty stoked about it. black is the new black, as they say....

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  • facing rejection

    Posted on February 12 2016

    brother + cofounder alex torrey knows firsthand that nothing worth doing is easy. after returning from afghanistan, he and jonathan began a cross-country roadtrip to share the umano story. for...

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  • the umano union

    Posted on February 07 2016

    our homegrown union has a lot of personalities.   we are dreamers, doers and catalysts born of integrity and originality, dedicated to positive change. a coalition of social-minded innovators determined...

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  • what it means to be a team

    Posted on February 05 2016

    brother + cofounder, alex torrey’s, office is a window to the story he and jonathan turned into reality. sun-lit white walls spotlight a hanging array of tees, dresses, fleece and...

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  • experts on the "L" word

    Posted on February 04 2016

    yes, it’s almost that time of year. it may or may not be your favorite holiday, but nonetheless, valentine’s day is coming with heart-shaped chocolates, roses and all. at umano...

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  • lets do this

    Posted on January 27 2016

    together, we are making umano history. check out a special message from co-founder + ceo, alex, for a Giving Update.

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  • the making of morning, sunshine.

    Posted on January 07 2016

    the making of “morning, sunshine.”   we hope you enjoy the making of a very special brew. a collaboration between umano x jittery joe’s, a coffee micro-roaster based right here...

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  • five airports you might not hate getting stuck in

    Posted on December 23 2015

    we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year with no delayed flights. but in case you happen to be waiting in...

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  • the best gifts always come back around

    Posted on December 16 2015

    since day one we have been inspired by the raw confidence in a kid’s drawing. their creativity is what fuels us and the raw confidence behind their Artwork is at...

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  • just-in-time gift guide

    Posted on December 15 2015

    sometimes during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can just be easier to buy everyone the cookie cutter lotion, candle and fuzzy socks combo. as much as...

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  • very merry Artwork

    Posted on December 10 2015

    ‘tis the season for new holiday Artwork! no worries we’re not pulling a Starbucks, the Artwork will remain on the tees for the holiday season. our gifts to you during...

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  • empower. our word of "every day"

    Posted on December 08 2015

    “empower” is the most important word in our vocabulary.  umano has never been about handouts. our mission is to empower kids to unleash their creativity. a big part of that...

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  • "going for it" with JT

    Posted on November 19 2015

    when you believe in an idea, nothing can stop you.   brother + cofounder, jonathan torrey (we call him JT) knows all about making his way.   a little background...

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  • our obsession with design

    Posted on November 18 2015

    it’s relatively simple to sew a t-shirt but designing the perfect tee requires as much craftsmanship as a complicated dress. people are so familiar with everyday fashion basics that we...

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  • que the jaws theme song

    Posted on November 17 2015

    we're about to be in the tank, y’all.   that’s right, if you didn’t hear the good news already we will be appearing on shark tank friday 20 november. 9pm. abc. grab...

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  • good juju from our marketing manager

    Posted on November 16 2015

      we’re all about good juju, and those of us at hq look no further for positive vibes than our marketing manager + domestic giving coordinator, julia sykes. we see...

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  • meet miss molly

    Posted on November 13 2015

    art is the center of our universe. everything we do revolves around showcasing the raw confidence of a kid's drawing. that why we had to take a second to share...

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  • for every superstar mom

    Posted on November 12 2015

      kids are pretty important to us.   if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the awesome Artwork we showcase on all of our styles. that said, we also...

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  • from the CIA to umano

    Posted on November 10 2015

     when you figure out what you were meant to do, you know.   brother + co-founder, alex torrey (we like to call him AT) is a true testament to taking...

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  • tis the season of thankfulness

    Posted on November 09 2015

    thank you, jimmy fallon, for changing the way we view “thank you” notes forever. including the awesome notes we received from the kids at DREAM charter, our partner school in...

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  • q+a with our dope art manager

    Posted on November 03 2015

    success has a way of convincing us what it should look like. we do whatever we can to reach it and then often wonder if we’re meant for something else....

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  • boo! last-minute costume ideas

    Posted on October 28 2015

    okay, so you procrastinated and you don’t have a costume. halloween is this week and your friends keep inviting you to parties… and you know it’s an actual costume party....

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  • guilty pleasure playlist...

    Posted on October 28 2015

    so you’ve gotten a peak at our favorite cool tunes but because we like to keep it real we’re going to give you a little taste of our guilty pleasure...

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  • (500) backpacks of fall

    Posted on October 27 2015

    so our sample sales are more like parties. but what's better than free food + beer and photo booth is giving brand new backpacks filled with school supplies to over...

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  • every picture is wonder

    Posted on October 21 2015

    kids’ art is at the heart of everything we do. our Artists inspire us to get back to that place where comparison doesn’t exist. where creativity is the ultimate form...

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  • fall feels

    Posted on October 15 2015

    your go to pieces for fall. jump for joy, y’all, it’s fall. over at umano hq fall is prime time for celebration. the heat is le’dwindling and the booties are...

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  • six killer facts on day of the dead

    Posted on October 14 2015

    the season of spooky festivities has finally arrived and we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure you are well equipped for whatever costume, cocktail party or halloween soirée...

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  • the sounds of hq

    Posted on October 12 2015

    you can whistle while you work…or listen to the awesome playlist we’re vibing to at #umanohq.   music is one of the things that makes our world headquarters an extra...

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  • happy southern food heritage day, y'all

    Posted on October 11 2015

    in honor of southern food heritage day we visited with a local chef and had her teach us how to whip up something easy and delicious in the kitchen. some...

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  • rise and sunshine

    Posted on October 02 2015

    ah the morning alarm clock. if only it could take the hint that we still want to snooze… for a few more hours.  we’ve been guilty of keeping the alarm...

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  • the white lie

    Posted on September 25 2015

    why not, take a crazy chance, why not, do a crazy dance, if you always dress in black but you wanna dress in white, why not, why not, whyyy not? ...

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  • partner school spotlight

    Posted on September 22 2015

    DREAM charter school has been doing some amazing things for kids in harlem, ny. any chance we get, we have to brag on the insanely talented scholars and the educators...

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  • nyfw superlatives

    Posted on September 21 2015

    september is a good time around athens. fall is in the air, the start of college football season, and getting into all the fashion week madness (from a safe distance)....

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  • meet Kartwork

    Posted on September 10 2015

    it’s our favorite time of year. it’s cooling off (finally), leaves are turning and we’re ready to release our newest lookbook. a short time ago in downtown athens, ga, we...

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  • we welcome u to our new home

    Posted on September 02 2015

    welcome to our new home. we’ve been quietly talking nerdy, brewing extra pots of joe (jittery joe’s of course), and burning that midnight oil to rollout the new umano.com. our online shopping experience...

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  • worth more than 1,000 words

    Posted on September 02 2015

    we’d like to take a moment to highlight two incredible organizations, a super awesome couple of humans, and their inspiring work in uganda. hats off to Sole Hope + The Archibald Project and everything they...

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  • how we celebrate the red, white, and blue

    Posted on July 02 2015

    let’s cut to the chase. there is nothing more ‘merica than going all out for the fourth of july. period. there’s been a lot of excitement around here recently. it’s...

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  • discover your /heist/

    Posted on June 02 2015

    we never forget who we are. sometimes we just forget the things that remind us. #MyHeist is deliberate plan to take back what is yours. this summer we are on a...

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  • /heist/ accomplices wanted

    Posted on May 26 2015

    we fell victim to morning coffee routines…all day coffee routines… Google calendars, Dropbox deadlines, etc. etc. etc. #fashionforgood is at our core but it does not define us. we are...

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  • our love letter to denim

    Posted on April 30 2015

    any day, any season, wearing your denim is the way to go. you’ve got your dressy pair, your going out pair, the pair you wear when you would rather be...

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  • Kartwork is kids Artwork

    Posted on April 17 2015

    a short time ago in downtown athens, ga, umano launched its streetstyle line. born from our love of skate and surf culture and firmly rooted in music and art, with...

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  • spring into fleece

    Posted on March 05 2015

    geek meet chic. we’re not talking pocket protectors in crisp white button-ups. we’re talking about the brand new umano fleece collection: a crewneck sweatshirt, a croptop sweatshirt and track pants....

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  • the #girlcrush series | Sophia Bush

    Posted on February 14 2015

    happy Valentine’s Day. today is the day that PDA on social media is accepted and even encouraged, so we decided to join in. Leslie Knope style. it’s Galentine’s day. welcome...

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  • the art of layering

    Posted on December 11 2014

    layering is an important skill to master that is useful for every style; from Stevie Nicks’ witchy boho to Jackie O’s classic look. here’s how we love to layer. being Georgia born and raised, you have...

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  • the ultimate umano girl gift guide

    Posted on December 01 2014

    #THESKULL a little edge never killed nobody… give the THE SKULL to the girl in your life who you love and fear equally. she’s got the warmest heart but don’t mess (you...

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  • hometown Giving Trip

    Posted on September 15 2014

    tuesday 11 August was a very special day for us at umano, as the whole team traveled for a local Giving Trip right down the road in our hometown of...

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