our obsession with design

Posted on November 18 2015

it’s relatively simple to sew a t-shirt but designing the perfect tee requires as much craftsmanship as a complicated dress. people are so familiar with everyday fashion basics that we become extremely particular about them. so, JT and I saw an opportunity to elevate the most iconic styles.
we set out to design and create the perfect t-shirt. without any “fashion” experience, we took a different path. we spent more than a year perfecting every silhouette detail and traveled the world, going all the way down to the yarn to develop our signature omobono jersey knit fabric, which became the cornerstone of our core collection.


our design point of view is straightforward and unpretending. our aesthetic is, as leonardo da vinci put it, centered around the idea that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” we’re inspired by the plainspoken aesthetic of downtown manhattan and the effortless vibes of west coast surf and skate culture. authenticity and integrity is what drives our style (and our lifestyle). we pride ourselves in staying true to our roots.

umano is not about trends. instead, we’re committed to our idea of luxury: pairing elevated simplicity with an understated confidence. we hope you enjoy our designs.
alex torrey