end of this journey

Posted on February 18 2017

dear #umanounion,

it is with massive gratitude that I announce the end of an inconceivably meaningful chapter. 

umano will operate through the end of february and give our last 1,000 backpacks full of art supplies.

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  • five reasons we love social entrepreneurship

    Posted on February 14 2017

    before jonathan + alex torrey made their first tee, they chose a definitive mantra:  you don’t need to choose between doing well and doing good.  the brothers were undoubtedly put on this earth to be social entrepreneurs, believing success should be measured in influence, rather...

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  • the perfect pair

    Posted on January 31 2017

    valentines day is the perfect opportunity to tell the one who stole your heart how much you like like them! some people go the basic route with a dozen roses,...

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  • our story

    Posted on January 23 2017

      that feeling you get when you know you just discovered what you were put on this earth to do, that’s the feeling my brother jonathan and I had on 15 october...

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  • 2016 highlight reel

    Posted on December 23 2016

    2016 was a v BIG year! honestly, something awesome happened every day but because that would take way too long to read we compiled a highlight reel. buckle up, this...

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  • staff picks: tees + tunes edition

    Posted on December 17 2016

    still searching for the perfect gift? we got you! no one will know you procrastinated. order by tuesday 12/20 and receive in time for christmas! free shipping is our our...

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  • fridge-worthy

    Posted on December 01 2016

    we’re doing something super dope this week because we think every kid’s art deserves to make it on the fridge. for the first time ever, we are accepting submissions from...

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  • Giving Trip adventures with the c.e.bro

    Posted on November 23 2016

    we’ve (literally) climbed mountains to hand-deliver backpacks full of art supplies to awesome kids.hear about umano Giving Trip adventures straight from our c.e.bro and blog intern, DJ trader joe. learn...

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  • you gift, you give

    Posted on November 15 2016

    “you don’t have to choose between doing well and doing good” - umano co-founders, jonathan + alex torrey   at umano, we like to dream big and do stuff that...

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  • 10 reasons why we support art education

    Posted on November 01 2016

      “art education is not about learning to draw. it’s about learning to see.” -alex torrey: brother + ceo     umano is a story of two brothers on a...

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  • causebox x umano

    Posted on October 25 2016

    this fall, umano had the awesome opportunity to partner with CAUSEBOX to design their limited-edition fall box! we've loved getting to know the stuff-starters behind this company, so we wanted to...

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  • dream big

    Posted on October 10 2016

    these past five years have been a heck of a ride and brother + cofounder alex torrey has some even bigger dreams when it comes to the future of umano. we...

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  • the story of five virtues

    Posted on September 30 2016

    our roller-coaster-rocket-ship mission of empowering kids to unleash their creativity began almost five years ago. we want to celebrate our birthday by sharing some stories from the past five years...

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  • world relief x umano

    Posted on September 20 2016

    a few months ago, umano had the opportunity to partner with world relief atlanta and work with refugee kid Artists from all over the world. this experience inspired us to...

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  • the life cycle of the umano tee

    Posted on September 06 2016

       crafting the perfect tee, just for you.   “did you know that it’s illegal in athens, ga to screen print in your garage? I got six months of probation...

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  • wear now, wear again (and again and again)

    Posted on August 25 2016

    fall calls for pieces that can easily transition with you. trust us, you don’t have to buy new clothes for each season. we geek out pretty hard about creating tees...

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  • our inspiration for #umanonations

    Posted on August 23 2016

    “I am convinced most people have no idea how beautiful their own stories are.” –donald miller we’ve been up to a lot of new things lately that we think are...

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  • introducing the #umanonations

    Posted on August 07 2016

    we got to spend the summer working with refugee youth in atlanta and nashville. we were completely floored by their incredibly beautiful stories and their amazing gratitude, which fueled the...

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  • the road to rio

    Posted on August 03 2016

    we thought you might be as obessed with the olympics as we are, so we went ahead and got you some insider info (you’re welcome). we got to chat with...

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  • there and back again

    Posted on July 31 2016

    we’re back home at hq after our sick road trip. we brought back some awesome memories, but our team in athens (yeah, a few of us had to stay home...

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  • texas on a saturday night

    Posted on July 28 2016

    for the last stop on our #umanostatesofamerica road trip, we had to go big or just go home, so we picked a place where everything is bigger- texas, austin to...

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  • giving update: detroit

    Posted on July 26 2016

    our most recent giving trip found us in detroit, mi. no one on our giving team had ever been before and we embarked on a journey to do something we’ve...

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  • california dreamin'

    Posted on July 25 2016

    los angeles, here we come! the city of angels is our next stop, and we couldn’t be more excited to soak in that california sun, eat an in-n-out burger or...

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  • rose parade

    Posted on July 21 2016

    city of roses or bust! next stop portland, the coolest town where you’ll find anything but ordinary. starting from day one, things were done their own way here when a coin...

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  • downtown train

    Posted on July 19 2016

    new york city is magical, inspiring, enchanting, and alluring. it’ll take you in, captivate you, and never leave you the same. there is inspiration everywhere from the streets to the...

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  • east coast anthem

    Posted on July 14 2016

    what’s an american road trip without a stop in our nation’s capital, am I right? from the white house to the washington monument, everything in dc is synonymous with the...

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  • my sweet carolina

    Posted on July 11 2016

      next up on the umano states of america road trip is charleston, sc. known by locals as “the holy city”, this town oozes southern charm and hospitality. it’s one...

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  • down on music row

    Posted on July 07 2016

      while many people automatically think of nashville as the country music capital of the world (guilty as charged), this city has so much more to offer. did you know...

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  • u pin, u win!

    Posted on July 07 2016

      just thinking about how you wanted to win some of our freakishly soft tees, weren’t you? well, here’s your chance and it’s super easy, just pin to win!  we...

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  • welcome to atlanta

    Posted on July 05 2016

    since atlanta is basically in our backyard, a short hour and fifteen minutes away from athens, we knew from the get-go that it would be the first stop on our...

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  • (almost) on the road

    Posted on June 30 2016

    live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry. – jack kerouac   it's summertime and wanderlust is hitting us hard at here at umano hq. since we’ve been spending more...

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  • meet your perfect match

    Posted on June 27 2016

     we believe perfect summer days are spent lounging by the water from sunrise to sunset, with friends in the backyard for a barbecue or spending an evening around the bonfire after...

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  • meet david hale

    Posted on June 10 2016

      for our third installment of cool dudes, we met up with david hale, the incredibly creative and inspiring soul behind love hawk studio. drawing inspiration from nature and his...

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  • meet andrew huang

    Posted on June 08 2016

    ok, we know this cool dude series is supposed to spotlight dads in honor of father’s day, but when we had the chance to chat with andrew huang of mosaic, a...

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  • meet matt hobbs

    Posted on June 06 2016

    with father’s day right around the corner, we wanted to introduce you to some of the coolest dudes and dads we know in our hometown of athens, ga.    first...

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  • taste test

    Posted on May 31 2016

      we’re lucky to live in a world where the options are endless. it allows us be creative, get weird and to do things we never thought possible. it also...

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  • sweet sweet summer

    Posted on May 24 2016

    summer is the season that doesn’t follow the rules. it’s playful, it’s bold, it’s fun. long sunny days are filled with endless activity, keeping you outside playing and unleashing creativity...

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  • when you learn, teach.

    Posted on May 03 2016

    "our parents are both teachers, they taught us that education has unmatched potential to empower kids to create their own path. because they inspired us to help kids help themselves...

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  • get carded

    Posted on April 27 2016

    click the image below to download exclusive umano mother's day cards! (we left the inside blank since moms love handwritten notes)

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  • music spotlight: futurebirds

    Posted on April 26 2016

    unleashing creativity has no limits and knows no boundaries. it’s all about putting good vibes into the world no matter what the medium, and at umano hq one of our...

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  • take a chill from netflix

    Posted on April 19 2016

    “there is no friend as loyal as a book.”  -ernest hemingway  we’ve all been there. spending immensely more time scrolling through the black hole that is netflix rather than actually...

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  • the imagination is its own ballpark

    Posted on April 13 2016

    remember recess? it’s not about who got first or last pick. recess was a time to completely unleash your full creative potential. we challenged ourselves to create our own rules,...

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  • and a pretty dope sample sale it was

    Posted on April 12 2016

    unless you live under a rock (or outside our home state of georgia) you probably heard about our spring sample sale which, to say the least, rocked super hard!   we...

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  • get ready athens, ga

    Posted on April 01 2016

    our semi-annual sample sale is upon us. we're psyched. see you april 6th, athens, ga!

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  • I'm gonna pop some tags

    Posted on March 29 2016

    it’s spring people, and we’re pumped about it.  with the weather warming up it’s time to break out the spring wardrobe: tees and tanks with our favorite Artwork, sandals, cropped...

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  • engaging the abstract

    Posted on March 25 2016

    “the arts are the cognitive base for thinking in abstraction” –michael thaut creativity is our greatest tool for solving problems. but while inspiration is everywhere, thinking outside the box takes...

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  • love where you work

    Posted on March 18 2016

    for us, umano hq feels like home…there’s just no other way to put it. maybe it’s the eclectic styles and stories or the opportunity to empower a generation. whatever the reason, we love where we work. cofounder alex torrey knows the way to foster limitless creativity is sharing a passion. AT has always...

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  • revisiting the tank

    Posted on March 04 2016

    our shark tank experience was too awesome, rad, amazing, incredible (and every other positive adjective in the dictionary) not to share with y'all. we crashed alex's morning coffee routine to get more of...

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