the sounds of hq

Posted on October 12 2015

you can whistle while you work…or listen to the awesome playlist we’re vibing to at #umanohq.
music is one of the things that makes our world headquarters an extra special place. we go by our dj names (we all have them) and always find time to rant and rave about our favorite tunes.

here’s a few albums that have been on our spotify lately…


fleet foxes, “helplessness blues”

–for mornings, no doubt. pairs nicely with morning, sunshine.


ryan adams, “1989”

–when hq is divided between classic rock and t swift.


modest mouse, “strangers to ourselves”

–indie rock + printing shirts. our #weekend.


beach boys, “pet sounds”

–hq is all about good vibrations. and excitations.


yeah yeah yeahs, “fever to tell”

–sales team has a thing for female vocalists.


the brian jonestown massacre, “take it from the man”

–for the marketer who needs to chill.


manchester orchestra, “cope”

–the guitar rock revival begins at work.


hardy morris, “hardy and the hard knocks: drownin’ on a mountaintop”

–when we have a dozen Pinterest boards to edit.


districts, “a flourish and a spoil”

–cause our online store guy loves to rage.