our love letter to denim

Posted on April 30 2015

umano loves denim any day, any season, wearing your denim is the way to go. you’ve got your dressy pair, your going out pair, the pair you wear when you would rather be in sweatpants but you’re meeting your mom for lunch so you should look presentable, the list goes on and on. denim never fails us. here we’ve got a little breakdown for you on some of our favorite denim brands, not only the great fits and styles they offer but what they do when they’re not manufacturing our most prized denim possessions. here’s a quick rundown of the brands you thought you knew. levis: the classic, American, blue jean brand. these aren’t just your moms jeans, the brand is working to reinvent their style to keep up with the times and if you ask us where classic meets cool is exactly where we want to be. paige: the brand that believes that every choice we’ve ever made has led us to this moment, and this denim. paige creates jeans that you can live and create in. sounds good to us. free people: the boho brand you know and love that conjures images of courage, femininity and spirit; with a large variety of denim styles this brand is sure to have some pants to strike your fancy. THE LADY LIBERTY scoopneck tank genetic: if you haven’t heard of them, this brand is all about creativity and effortless style, but who isn’t? the DNA of genetic is embracing the individuality that each one of us possesses and making the perfect pair of jeans to accentuate those differences. j. brand: everything j. brand does is driven by making women look and feel beautiful in their jeans. As well as having a driven aesthetic mission, this company has strong philanthropic ties. last but not least, joe's: providing your wardrobe staples since 2001, joe's jeans have the perfect combination of chic, and modern touches to guarantee you get all the compliments you deserve. THE ROYALS crewneck now to break a few down in case you needed more convincing. if you were in search for the perfect pair of retro jeans that gives you the confidence you need while confidently knowing they come from a company that cares about you? free people is your place to search. from high waisted flares, to funky patterns, and your classic skinny jean, free people is the way to go. they strive to be casual, cool and comfortable while being edgy and fashion forward. free people encourages their customer to be not only stylish, but also confident, intelligent and compassionate when it comes to taking care of themselves and the world around them. prime example? they made earth day earth month. talk about over achievers. there’s plenty about #FPEarthMonth on their blog. when the going gets tough, the tough turn to levi’s. (I should write ads for them, that was impressive, but it’s true.) levi’s has been the brand synonymous with denim here in the USA since 1873. from their classic 501 to their newest flawless super skinny jean, levi’s keeps you comfy and well dressed. not only are they a staple in American fashion but in the philanthropic world as well, with eggs in every basket, standing for marriage equality, worldwide AIDS day and advancing human rights. levi’s supports over 40 community organizations that work to educate apparel workers with HIV/AIDS as well as educating the people around them to not give in to discrimination. levi’s: “giving back is in [their] genes”. paige is a total girl’s girl brand, it was founded and run by one cool chick. Paige Adams-Geller (not of FRIENDS fame) is the only female founder in the denim industry. THE MR. crewneck does that make anyone else want to run and buy 10 pairs right now? along with a passion pursuit of the “jeans that will go from morning to moonlight” paige fights for the health and wellbeing of women who have endured abuse and supports multiple organizations with the same mission. that’s a cause that never gets out worn, just like their jeans. click here for more info. #DONTHOLDBACK. joe's most recent campaign strives for the daily pursuit of going for it. the idea we can get behind, equating smart with sexy. choosing to be passionate in chasing dreams, setting goals and taking risks. well, I would certainly be down to go for an adventure in their skinny ankle jeans or even the tuxedo pants. if you want to learn more about this campaign and the powerful women who are part of it read up right here. THE MOTO longsleeve tee as denim brands, all these companies acknowledge how important it is for women to look and feel amazing in their jeans. these companies not only seek to provide the best looking and fitting denim but also sponsor a large array of organizations that promote healthy body image and self esteem. from Paige’s support of NEDA (national eating disorders of America) to genetic’s entire brand promise, that they will provide jeans to fit every different genetic code. we love that these brands support individuality in not only fit but style as well. throw on any of these with your favorite Artwork any day of the year and you’re golden.