can I return my umano item?
yes. we accept returns for products purchased on we want to make you happy! please check out our return policy here.
if you want to return a product you purchased from a retailer, please contact that retailer directly for information on their return policy.

do you offer exchanges?
yes. we want to make you happy! please check out our return policy here.

my item(s) is/are defective. what should I do?
please contact us. we sincerely apologize for our mistake and really appreciate a second chance to make it right and you happy!

if I return my umano item, will you take a backpack away from a kid?
once we give a kid a backpack full of school supplies, we would never ever take it back! however, because our one-for-one model is how we support our giving program, if you choose to return your item before we go on our next Giving Trip, we would have to subtract a backpack from the total.




what size should I order?
our clothing runs true to size. we put together a handydandy sizing chart to make it super easy for you to find your perfect tee. when in doubt, we recommend sizing up because that effortless, relaxed fit is tiptop.

how do I wash my umano products?
signature omobono tees - machine wash cold, inside out, gentle cycle with like colors, do not bleach, lay flat to dry, or dry clean
signature omobono fleece - machine wash cold, inside out, gentle cycle with like colors, do not bleach, lay flat to dry, or dry clean
umanotarian cotton / modal tees - machine wash cold, inside out, gentle cycle with like colors, do not bleach, lay flat to dry or dry clean

will my umano tees stretch? or shrink?

our fabric is knitted to highest quality standards, but please handle with TLC (tender love and care). like any shirt, there is always a possibility of shrinkage or stretching. 

how do I best take care of the Artwork on my item?
we recommend you wash inside out and lay flat to dry, all Artwork is screen printed by hand in athens, ga to hold up to everyday use (we know it's your closet’s mvp)

what is the sizing? what size do your tees run?
our clothing runs true to size. please refer to our sizing chart for more specific information. when in doubt, we recommend you size up for the perfect, effortless, relaxed fit.

do you restock items when they are sold out?
most of our styles are seasonal or limited editions; once a specific style or Artwork sells out it may not be restocked.


does umano sell tees on auction-related sites?
online our tees are only sold on and

what does umano mean?
umano is italian for ‘mankind.’ learn more about our story.

who started umano?
brothers jonathan + alex torrey founded umano in 2011. read their story here.

where are you based?
umano is headquartered in the fashion capital of the world, athens, ga.

can I work for you?
we are always looking for talented changemakers to help grow our movement. we may not have any openings but feel free to connect with us on linkedlin to stay up to date on job openings.

can I donate?
we do not accept donations but you can support umano’s mission to empower kids to unleash their creativity through purchasing one of our awesome products. with every purchase, umano will give a backpack full of art supplies to empower a kid.


how do you choose the Artwork?
that’s the fun part! it all starts with Giving Trips and our “virtuous cycle.” read all about our Virtuous Cycle here.

what percent of proceeds do you donate?
our model is a one-for-one giveback model. with every product purchased, we give a backpack full of art supplies to empower a kid and hand deliver it to our partner school, no matter the cost. one product = one backpack full of art supplies.

does every kid receive a backpack?
yes, every kid at our partner schools receives a backpack.

how do you choose what kids to give backpacks to?
umano gives backpacks to all the kids at our partner schools.

what comes in the backpack?
we researched the best “starter kit” to supply elementary school students for one year. it includes, notebooks, pencils, erasers, and either crayons or colored pencils or markers. please check out our mission page to learn more about our backpacks.

where are the backpacks from? where are they made?
we source our backpacks from different manufacturers. we design the backpack we give to properly fit the kids and include quality features like padded back and shoulder straps and front pockets.

how does umano benefit art education?
studies show art-centered schools outscore non art-centered schools in academic achievement scores. we work closely with art teachers at our partner schools to provide the kids with art supplies such as crayons, colored pencils and markers. we also incorporate regular drawing days that coincide with our Giving Trips. 

where does umano give?
we give in the united states, including right in our own backyard in athens, ga, as well as harlem, ny, detroit, nashville, atlanta, and inner city los angeles. we also give internationally in places like haiti, peru, and mexico. 

how often does umano give?
we give multiple times in year. because we work directly with our partner schools we can tailor our giving schedule to best meet their needs.

where will you give next?
great question! have any suggestions? email us!

how old are the kids you give to?
the kids we give to vary in age. the majority of the kids we give to are in elementary school.

who goes on Giving Trips?
the umano team goes on Giving Trips to our partner schools. we give the backpacks directly to the kids.

can I submit my kid’s drawing?
we love kids art--it’s why we do what we do--but at this time we only accept kid’s drawings from our partner schools. we collect drawings as we give backpacks. learn more about our virtuous cycle here. that said, we would still love to see your kid’s masterpiece! email us.


what type of fabric is my tee/fleece made of?
the signature umano fabric is what we are known for. it is so awesome and freakishly soft that we had to give it a name, we call it omobono. learn all about omobono here.
we also have our take on the classic cotton, we call that fabric umanotarian and it’s a cotton-modal blend. can’t go wrong.

where are umano products manufactured?
our signature omobono fabric is manufactured in turkey, cut and sewn in haiti and screen printed in athens, georgia.
our umanotarian tees are made in egypt.

how does umano work with manufacturers to adhere to human rights?
umano does everything in its power to adhere to human rights standards. we've developed a comprehensive due diligence process and work through our internal team and respected manufacturing partners to meet the highest standards.


where can I find a local retailer that carries umano?
we are currently working on adding a store locator. in the meantime, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find your local umano stockist.


I have a cool boutique, how can my store carry umano?
if you are interested in carrying umano, please email our wholesale squad here.

what is the wholesale price/markup? is there a wholesale order minimum? long will it take until my wholesale order will be ready?
for wholesale inquiries, please email our wholesale squad here.

how does the umano Giving Promise work with wholesale purchases?
for every item purchased by the retailer, umano will give a backpack full of art supplies to empower a kid. we don’t change our Giving Promise, that’d be like your grandma changing her cookie recipe--it just won’t happen.

can I order a custom tee for my store?
we do not customize tees at this time.

can we do an event with umano?
we love parties! please email our customer service team with specific requests and details.

will umano do a giveback in my area?
umano evaluates giving opportunities on a case by case basis. the umano team has coordinated Giving Trips with specialty stores in the past. please email our customer service team for more information.


what forms of payment does accept? accepts all major credit cards.

I received an error message when trying to check out, what does that mean?
please verify that the billing information you have entered is the same as the information that your bank has on file. if you enter billing information that varies from what your bank has on file, then your order will not go through.

how do I know if my order was placed successfully?
after your order is submitted, you will be directed to an order confirmation page with your order number. if you've reached this page, we've received your order and we are either reviewing your payment information or your order is ready to be processed. you should also receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after your order is submitted to confirm that we received it. once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirming shipment.

can I cancel an order once it’s been placed?
in an effort to get our shipments to our customers as quickly as possible, your order cannot be canceled or modified once it is placed. however, if you’re not happy with your product--we really think you will be--we happily accept returns. view our return policy here.


how much does shipping cost?
to make it easy for you to empower kids we offer flat-rate USPS Priority Mail shipping. however, shipping and handling costs may vary depending upon the rates offered by our shipping carriers and promotions we may run. please check for current shipping rates and/or any promotions we may be offering. umano reserves the right to change its shipping policies at any time.

does umano ship internationally?
yes, umano does ship internationally. please notice the additional shipping cost before placing your order. we heart our foreign friends.

does umano ship to p.o boxes or military apo/fpo addresses?
yes, we do ship to Military APO/FPO addresses. all domestic orders ship USPS Priority Mail. we will happily go above and beyond for those who go above for our country. thank you for your service.

how long will it take for me to receive my order?
we screen print by hand in athens, ga. all orders are printed to order. we’re a small team and “pops” (our master screen printer) is also a full-time teacher. that said, under normal business we ship orders in 2-3 business days. the amount of time will depend on where you live. you will receive an email when your order has been shipped.


how do I sign up for emails from umano?
wohoo! join the #umanounion here!

will you share my email address with anyone?
absolutely not.

how do I unsubscribe from umano emails?
if you’d like to unsubscribe from our mailing list there is an option at the bottom of every email. (but we hope you’re not serious.)

why should I sign up for umano emails?
because good things come to those who sign up to join the #umanounion mailing list.

I like you. xx.
lol. we like you too.