our signature fabric is what anchors our design point of view. after visiting dozens of mills in several different countries, we went all the way down to yarn to find the best sustainable textiles for our freakishly-soft fabric. we proudly dubbed it omobono, after the patron saint of clothworkers.

our tees are the "canvas" for showcasing Kartwork (kid's + Artwork) as a work of art.
we are careful to create a design that maximizes and amplifies the Artist's raw confidence while protecting the integrity of their drawing.

pops screen printing

pops "burns" the Kartwork image onto a mesh screen and screen prints every tee by hand with water-based, eco-friendly ink. every print turns out with its own unique feel, like an original work of art.

after each tee is cured in the dryer, it’s handed to mrs. torrey and every tee is inspected, folded into a recycled plastic poly bag, wrapped in kraft butcher paper, sealed with an umano sticker, and finally placed perfectly inside of a limited-edition box to be shipped straight to you. (phew!)


at umano we take a different path than other fashion brands. while it would be way easier to contract out the screen printing and use average, easy-to-find fabric, it would take away the pride we have in each and every product we make and the pride that those who wear umano share.

“having to physically take things through the team’s hands is something that really keeps us focused on quality and focused on our customers. we want to make sure we are crafting the perfect tee every single time.”
- alex torrey, brother + ceo