guilty pleasure playlist...

Posted on October 28 2015

so you’ve gotten a peak at our favorite cool tunes but because we like to keep it real we’re going to give you a little taste of our guilty pleasure playlist.

 these are the songs that we like to pretend we don’t like but we know every word to. the songs that we can’t help but bob our heads to. (basically everything one direction brought from across the pond.)

 the first name that came up was katy perry (obvi), whether it’s “birthday” or “dark horse” or “hot n’cold,” katy just knows how to make a catchy tune. now that we’ve gotten that off our chest here’s some others. (we’ll go ahead and apologize for getting these stuck in your head… see what we did there?)

 for you romantics

“good for you” by selena gomez tops the list, followed by “pusher love” by justin timberlake and “I can’t feel my face” *cue tom cruise

 when you want to throw it back

“a little beautiful soul” by jesse mccartney, “show stopper” by danity kane (go ahead and pull it on spotify we’ll wait) and “sugar we’re going down” because why not.

the songs that everyone “forgets” they know the words to

“country grammar” is hot s**t. “in da club,” thanks 50 cent. go shawty. there’s never a wrong time for seasons of love. do not pretend that those harmonies don’t make your heart soar.


“love myself” by hailee steinfeld is another guilty pleasure of ours and a weird one at that. you resist and resist and then you fall into the narcissistic trap and start singing about how much you love yourself. (what? just us?) 

alright y’all, bye, bye, bye. (haha… we did.)