five airports you might not hate getting stuck in

Posted on December 23 2015

we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year with no delayed flights. but in case you happen to be waiting in the limbo-land of an airport terminal, we’ve compiled a list of 5 airports you might not hate getting stuck in and why. fingers crossed if you are stuck, you’re in one of these.

THE TINY DANCER takes the airport

atlanta hartsfield jackson
we’ll start off with the world’s busiest airport, ATL not only because it is closest to umano hq but odds are you could very well get stuck here. but have no fear. chick-fil-a is not far (hope you’re not reading this on a sunday). terminal c gate 21 will take all your troubles away one nugget at a time or nap off your flight frustrations at minute suites if the food court lines are too long. yes, there is a napping area at the airport. enjoy.
john f. kennedy (JFK)
a spa and a shake shack. what more could you ask for? seriously. hit up be relax in terminal 5 for a facial, massage, you name it. we highly encourage that you treat yo self. and eat some fries for us pls and thx.

detroit metropolita
n (DTW)
three simple words that might even sound better than “now boarding.” repeat after us. “bottles. to. go.” that’s right. vino volo wine room not only has top-notch wine and all-around good vibes, but they sell bottles to go. we recommend you make your way to the mcnamara terminal (gate A45 if we want to get real specific) to relax olivia pope style.
chicago o'hare (ORD)
downward dog. chaturanga. namaste. yeah. you’ve probably guessed where we’re going with this. if terminal 3 isn’t too much of a stretch (shameless pun intended) we suggest the yoga room. and if you’re feeling extra motivated there’s always the hilton athletic club. that is truly a big move and kudos to anyone who chooses to work out while they wait. we mean it when we say we want to be just like you when we grow up.
seattle-tacoma (SEA-TAC)
bar hopping is more than encouraged here and SEA-TAC may even be a haven for foodies. if going in order by concourse, seattle tap room in concourse b is where we hear the price is right and beer is even better. moving on to concourse cc, is the alaska lodge. special tip—go for the wings and then another round of beers. and in the main terminal is wolfgang puck for even more pizza and beer.

for everyone trekking through airports, posted up in terminals, or battling interstate traffic jams, or getting the middle seat on the last train out of town—hang in there. you’ll be home before you know it.
happy holidays and safe travels, #umanounion.