q+a with our dope art manager

Posted on November 03 2015

success has a way of convincing us what it should look like. we do whatever we can to reach it and then often wonder if we’re meant for something else. not unlike our art manager, andrew averso, whose love of music and style led to a career in fashion. we recently had a chance to learn more about aa’s journey to umano. (yes, we call him double a.)


fill in the blank. ten years ago success looked like _______. 

AA: “making my living off of music, travelling and touring all the time.”


what changed? 

AA: “eventually it was time for something else. i thought about what else i was really passionate about. for me, that thing was fashion… it was always behind my love for design and aesthetics.”


where did you see it taking you?

 AA: “i had no idea. not after my first day of class, not two years from then. i had no “x” spot. all I knew was what I loved. i dove straight into it just like i had with music and absorbed everything i could.


what lead you to work with jonathan + alex?

 AA: “what they’ve done has always stood out to me. when I learned they were looking for an art manager I jumped right on it. it was a very attractive possibility.”


has working with kids’ art been challenging?

 AA: “it’s not what i had in mind when i considered going into fashion. it’s a very different element, but i love bringing it into fashion. working with it has given me an appreciation for kids’ art which has been fun and different.”


any advice for anyone who wants to go into fashion? 

AA: “be open to every opportunity and be willing to work harder than everybody else. you may not be the best in the room, but if you have those two elements you’ll be able to achieve anything.”


so what does success look like to you today? 

“if at the end of the day I feel proud of my work, enjoyed putting it together and got to learn something in the process. that’s my definition of success today.”