fall feels

Posted on October 15 2015

your go to pieces for fall. jump for joy, y’all, it’s fall. over at umano hq fall is prime time for celebration. the heat is le’dwindling and the booties are coming out. in celebration of autumn we shot some looks and wanted to share them.

1. distressed denim // fall is the perfect time to break out your jeans but allow a little breeze simultaneously.

2. cardi parti // you’re probably sick of that phrase but never sick of throwing a cardigan on as you leave the house because it looks bougie but we all know you didn’t try

3. booties, booties, booties, rocking everyday // we apologize for that but we could not be more excited for booties all day, every day, lace up, flat, heeled, brown, black, suede, leather *brain explodes from being overjoyed


the beauty of fall is the fact that you always look like you put in the maximum amount of effort, but your outfit truthfully has the maximum amount of ease. it’s all about being comfortable, lookin’ fly, and having people ask you wear you got your pants, tee, cardigan, shoes (you name it they’ll ask) from. we wouldn’t call you a trend setter, we’d call you a season setter.