the white lie

Posted on September 25 2015

why not, take a crazy chance, why not, do a crazy dance, if you always dress in black but you wanna dress in white, why not, why not, whyyy not? 

“thou shall not wearith white after labor day.”

you would think that it was etched in stone somewhere the way our mothers passionately stand by this rule. we love a good white tee though, and our white vans and ripped light-wash denim. so why would we stop just because the calendar says september? rules are meant to be broken (unless they’re traffic rules which we abide by and encourage you to do the same).
with all of that being said the greatest challenge becomes how do you wear your whites without looking like you’re going to p. diddy’s party or you’re on the season premiere of revenge (r.i.p.). here are a couple of our favorite ways to rock our whites long past the dreaded day that ends the summer.