just-in-time gift guide

Posted on December 15 2015

sometimes during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can just be easier to buy everyone the cookie cutter lotion, candle and fuzzy socks combo. as much as we love fuzzy socks, being intentional with gifts makes the person on the receiving end so much happier. let’s make your friends and family shout from rooftops that you got them the best christmas gift they’ve ever received. (warning: prepare for high expectations next year)
#THEATLAS // if only her carry-on luggage could talk. she’s the world traveler and never seems to be in one place for very long. send her one of these great gifts and maybe next time she’ll ask you to come along!

#THEATLAS gift guide

1. this crosley record player, something extra sweet to come home to 
2. a passport cover isn’t the first thing someone buys themselves, so it should be the first thing you buy for them. this one is too classy to pass up.
3. something to keep the travel log fresh, the nyt also did one for the usa & canada if you want to keep it local.

#THECATS // every so often you wonder if this friend loves her cat more than you and there’s really nothing you can do about it (because she does), other than get the animal lover in your life a gift that makes you more lovable by directly involving their cat.

#THECATS gift guide 

1. no reason she can’t carry her cat around with her all time time!
2. who doesn’t love a good mug? who doesn’t love a good cat mug?
3. sure some have a tempurpedic and others a boyfriend or husband but wouldn’t life just be grand for you kitty loving friend to have a cat pillow instead?

#THEDIAMOND // she’s the one who is hardest to shop for, the diva of the group some would say (we would never, of course, but some would). she seems to have everything and you always get her a gift card that way she can make her own decisions. take the risk this year, grab her one of these…


1. for the friend that always seems to be saying “I’m going to get a blowout” this way they can handle it at home.
2. mascara is serious business and life is just a low easier when you don’t have to explain that to people.
3. this is an at home facial. *drops mic


between the perfect tee that gives back and this handy-dandy gift guide your friends and family will be the happiest on the block, until the cookies break out and then it’s every (wo)man for themselves.


here you go. just in case things get rowdy.