meet miss molly

Posted on November 13 2015

art is the center of our universe. everything we do revolves around showcasing the raw confidence of a kid's drawing. that why we had to take a second to share how awesome and rad our print maker + senior graphic designer, molly cutts, is. miss molly's been spending a lot of time at our design lab to prep for the holidays. luckily, we caught up with her (and her dog, footers) to talk about the role art plays in her life, in and out of umano hq.

fill in the blank. my dream is ____________.
miss molly: “having a home with a studio. that’s all I really want –- the house, the dog, the yard and the studio.”
was art your thing growing up?
 miss molly: “it was. in high school, I skipped lunch sometimes and went to the art room instead. once a week, I would stay up all night working on my portfolio.”
did you always have a special interest in printing or screen printing?
miss molly: “mainly graphic design. in general, I've learned to roll with it. no one knows where they'll end up. I grew to love printing.”
how did you meet jonathan + alex?
miss molly: “they spoke in my marketing class. afterwards I asked alex if they did their own screen printing. a few days later I started as a graphic design intern.”

what’s working in the design lab like?
miss molly: "it’s not a perfect science –-different lines and ink colors need different pressures, tees with pockets are a challenge. but pops (jonathan and alex’s dad) and I work well together.”
what do you type of art do you work on at home?
miss molly: “a lot of linoleum cuts. I get my prints done as tattoos. I didn’t necessarily want to be an artist in my spare time, but I love it –-having something you love that’s not a chore.”
best advice you ever got as an artist?
 miss molly: "when you face a situation you can imagine the worst case scenario and the best case scenario and what happens is always somewhere in between."