for every superstar mom

Posted on November 12 2015

kids are pretty important to us.

umano mom and daughter

if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the awesome Artwork we showcase on all of our styles. that said, we also wouldn’t have any superstar Artists if it weren’t for their superstar moms.

our tees don’t just look good on the mama of the Artist though. our signature fabric is perfect for dates (when you can find a babysitter), running errands before enduring another slow-moving carpool line, and snuggling up on the couch with your little ones and watching Frozen for the 1300th time. you can just throw on #THESKULL and let it go. (we will not apologize for that joke.)

umano mom and kids
umano mom reading to kids
umano mom having fun with kids

the beauty of our tees is the simplicity. they can go with anything—layered with flannel or a button-down chambray shirt, thrown on top of jeans, leggings… pretty much whatever bottoms are clean, honestly. any umano tee you choose is freakishly soft and perfectly lightweight. it only takes one purchase to feel like a million bucks.


when it comes down to choosing Artwork, we suggest you leave that decision up to the kiddos. it’s stiff competition between #THETINYDANCER and #THEBEAR but if they can’t make up their mind, you can always get both (because you’re a problem solver). we know that as a mom your world doesn’t revolve around you, your mission in life is helping people, specifically little people.

 umano mom and kids front porch

the kid that receives a backpack as a result of your purchase may not turn to you for a snack or a band aid but ultimately you’re helping them more than you may ever know. in the process of purchasing an umano tee (or dress, or track pants, or sweatshirt) you’re empowering them unleash their creativity without leaving the comfort of your home. that’s pretty stellar online shopping; you get a tee, and a kid gets a backpack full of school supplies.

we hope that you’ll join the #umanounion and continue to encourage kids to #unleashcreativity whether it’s your own kiddo or one from across the world.

kids artwork