how we celebrate the red, white, and blue

Posted on July 02 2015

let’s cut to the chase. there is nothing more ‘merica than going all out for the fourth of july. period.

there’s been a lot of excitement around here recently. it’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun and triple dog daring friends to accept our #MyHeist challenge. we all know barbecues don’t organize themselves. planning a little soirée to celebrate our nation’s birthday is a team effort. some folks play mixologist, others wear the stars and stripes (turns out you literally can do that), and bae drives across state lines for the best fireworks. everyone has a job...even the guy who only comes over to drink your beer.

so, here’s our game plan.

1. invite friends, neighbors, fellow yogis, your barista, and anyone in between.

2. acquire a generous stash of craft beer from the local microbrew. serve chilled.

3. season whatever yummy grass-fed cut your heart desires.

4. sing along to that cheesey lee greenwood song and enjoy the fireworks.

we’re pretty traditional when it comes to these things. our friends, their friends, their friends’ friends hang out in the backyard. we eat, drink and watch fireworks (in no particular order). it’s nothing crazy, but we think it’ll do just fine.

happy fourth of july, America!