we welcome u to our new home

Posted on September 02 2015

welcome to our new home.

we’ve been quietly talking nerdy, brewing extra pots of joe (jittery joe’s of course), and burning that midnight oil to rollout the new umano.com.

our online shopping experience is more fun than ever. check out our new Fall15 line and meet the Artists behind the new Artwork.poke around, browse your soon-to-be favorite tees, and be the first to order one… or two for yourself. all your classico favorites as well as the latest and greatest Artwork are available right now. 

plus, the new website is crazy mobile-friendly (finally). so you can check out new Artwork and meet the Artists on the go. whether you’re waiting on uber or cozied up in bed, we got you any time, anywhere--you have service that is. (can you hear me now?)  

and just to sweeten the deal, we upped our pinterest game as well. now you can buy directly from our boards. no more annoying deadlinks. only the Artwork that inspires you (and us). feast your eyes on the new boards here. (you’re welcome). 

now we’ll let you be so you can go add the new umano.com to your favorites tab.