/heist/ accomplices wanted

Posted on May 26 2015

MyHeist_Is_BLK we fell victim to morning coffee routines…all day coffee routines… Google calendars, Dropbox deadlines, etc. etc. etc. #fashionforgood is at our core but it does not define us. we are brothers, goalkeepers, giving enthusiasts, travel junkies, printmakers, karaoke lovers, and much more. collectively, we do measure success by the number of backpacks we give but we believe passion runs deeper than business goals. one evening the brothers and the art team began their “second shift” at Walker’s. as the craft beer and creative juices began to flow so did the tale of an epic heist. from there we accepted a hallowed dare. the target of the score is invaluable. it is too complex for dollars and cents and much greater than a hobby. it is as innate as a fingerprint and unique as a signature. we are rediscovering the source of inspiration that makes us who we are. so today we embark on a quest, embracing our sense of adventure, dusting off that old sketchbook, and rediscovering the fire that burns in us all. find yours. take it back. and spread the word. #MyHeist here’s to the dare! welcome to heist /hīst/ n. a deliberate plan to take back what is yours.