boo! last-minute costume ideas

Posted on October 28 2015

okay, so you procrastinated and you don’t have a costume. halloween is this week and your friends keep inviting you to parties… and you know it’s an actual costume party. not a "mean girls" costume party and *inhale* it’s going to be okay because we got your back like a sweater... errr, a tee.

we’ve got four killer, last-minute costume ideas you can do in a pinch with things you probably already have in your closet.

sorry, we’ll stop talking so you can start planning.

up first, the hippie. 

the base of your retro outfit is our grey vneck with #THEGLOBE because every hippie wants to travel the globe. toss on a flow-y, fringe-y, knit cardigan and the headband that you’ve been dying to wear but couldn’t find a reason to. we imagine john lennon would be proud of your sunglasses.
next up, the black kat. 


we’re not kitten, this is our costume idea with certainly the most cat-titude. this one requires a bit of face makeup but nothing that an elementary school kid wouldn’t be able to handle, trust us, we know. a little whisker action and a black nose and this black cat is equal parts adorable and fierce. invest in some cat ears (if you don’t already have them). grab your black tee (obviously with #THEBLACKKAT), black denim (leggings will certainly suffice) and black booties for the all-black look that is beyond claw-some.

for all of you aspiring pop stars, the baller. 


we can’t stop and we won’t stop. #THE23 couldn’t be done better with top knots and bangin’ red lips. sticking your tongue out all night is optimal but nobody’s perfect. you just do your thang. and if you chose to wear this costume on the b-ball court too it’s essentially the best of both worlds. okay, we’re done with the miley references. just practice your free throws all week. 

last but not least, channel your inner Artist 

#THESKULL on your shirt and your face, could it be scarier? probably, actually. if you want to learn how to do this makeup we have a nice little tutorial for you over on pinterest and you can unleash creativity and potentially scare a small child all at the same time. the easiest way to make your pretty face the focal point of this outfit is all black with #THESKULL muscle tank.

we’re majorly looking forward to seeing your creations so tag us on instagram if you use one of these ideas and have a happy and safe halloween (and remember to throw away your wrappers as you eat candy, no one can judge you if they don’t know how many reese’s you’ve had).

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