nyfw superlatives

Posted on September 21 2015

september is a good time around athens. fall is in the air, the start of college football season, and getting into all the fashion week madness (from a safe distance). it’s an enchanting time. if you’ve been spending all of your time outside or pulling all of your cardigans out of storage we’ve got your back (like a sweater). here are the superlatives we’re handing out for some of our favorite looks from fashion week both big names and small.


gawk worthy //  rag and bone.

the variety was mesmerizing. from leather culottes, to the perfect on-the-go shift dress, to a to die for “athleisure” windbreaker and pant suit that would make AC Slater jealous. every item that came down the runway deserved much more time than it got. we’ll take a laser cut  out midi and some of those fly kicks with the red laces, thanks.

 both photos: yannis vlamos via vogue runway


the movers and shakers // opening ceremony.

yeah, right, like we’re going to ruin the beauty of having members of the new york city ballet dance down the runway with our words.

photos: courtney greg kessler via vogue runway


our comfort zone // 6397.


jeans skirts, simple dresses, and killer jumpsuits? sign us up, please. we’re not saying that you could pair your umano tee with all of the bottoms they showed…but they would make a good team (hint, hint, varsity tees).

photos: vogue runway


mr. fashion week // public school.

when the first look of a show is two pieces and you can’t figure out where one ends and the other begins but you know you want both of them in your closet. you have a winner.

photos: yannis vlamos


the ethereal office // elie tahari.

so we all know the 70’s are back with a vengeance whether you’re going to break out your fringe vest and those bell bottoms or not. elie tahari, however, approached this trend with a lot less disconcerting orange than we’re used to and for that we thank them. here’s to minimalistic color, a lot of texture, and unapologetic style.

photos: elie tahari


honestly, we could talk about other favorite designers for days but what were some of your favorites? any surprises? can we say givenchy. yes. yes, we can.