rise and sunshine

Posted on October 02 2015

ah the morning alarm clock. if only it could take the hint that we still want to snooze… for a few more hours. 

we’ve been guilty of keeping the alarm within arm’s reach of the bed. sometimes breakfasts and hot showers are easily traded for a few more minutes. so we cuddle our pillow until we absolutely have to let go, throw on our softest tee (it’s the next best thing to our sheets) and get moving. 

whether we’re recovering from an all-nighter or getting ready for the 9am meeting, mornings can be a struggle. luckily, we have good friends that make really, really great coffee. 

so we teamed up with the master coffee roasters at jittery joe’s. these guys know everything about brewing that everyday fuel that gets us going. so we customized a blend as unique as our brand. they roasted. we tasted. and, just like that, “morning, sunshine!”

the name really speaks for itself. we couldn’t think to call the full-bodied colombian blend anything else. our latest collab is just what the #umanounion needed to get up and be the thing that starts the stuff. a bold medium-dark roast that will bring out the creative in all of us.

naturally, we had to celebrate.

“morning, sunshine” is our new go-to for getting up and getting after it. grab a cup (or two) today.