meet Kartwork

Posted on September 10 2015

it’s our favorite time of year. it’s cooling off (finally), leaves are turning and we’re ready to release our newest lookbook.

a short time ago in downtown athens, ga, we launched our streetstyle line. born from our love of skate and surf culture—with a hint of rebellious counterculture spirit—and firmly rooted in music and art, Kartwork is for those who stand for integrity, authenticity, and individuality and are dedicated to breaking down barriers and outdated beliefs.

the Kartwork girl is visual (loves the big picture). she’s louder than her older PocketArt-wearing sibling (in a good way). and she stands out among icons and the daily grind.

so we dreamed up a killer concept to debut our new line, found a few adrenaline junkies at our local skate park, and got to work.

“we had a good idea where the Kartwork lookbook was going when we initially conceived it,” said art manager, andrew averso. “but it really took on a life of its own when we got down to image selection.”
we knew it would be interesting, but the end result was way more rad—a beautiful tension between broken barriers and subculture...mind...blown.

we hope you get acquainted with Kartwork and our new lookbook here because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.