the best gifts always come back around

Posted on December 16 2015

since day one we have been inspired by the raw confidence in a kid’s drawing. their creativity is what fuels us and the raw confidence behind their Artwork is at the very heart of our mission to empower.

peru Giving Trip


we’ve seen how creativity can be the ultimate form of courage. our Artists hold absolutely nothing back. their faces light up when they show us their works of art with pride and tell us their dreams, some tell us they want to be doctors, teachers, or even ninjas (you da man, Brayam) without hesitation.


our story starts and ends with empowering kids to unleash their creativity. kids draw the art, we screen print it by hand on our clothing and give a kid a backpack full of school supplies with every purchase. so we seek to give kids the tools they need to empower themselves and we believe art education can unlock their creative potential.

peru Giving Trip

this is more than a freakishly soft gift to put under the tree. it’s at the core of our virtuous cycle. an umano tee is a curator of imaginative freedom that reinforces the infinite potential of a kids future, truly making it the gift that keeps on giving.

gifts that keep on giving