what it means to be a team

Posted on February 05 2016

brother + cofounder, alex torrey’s, office is a window to the story he and jonathan turned into reality. sun-lit white walls spotlight a hanging array of tees, dresses, fleece and kids' Artwork. everything, from the pictures of mom and pops to the university of georgia memorabilia, is part of the his journey...everything including a pair of hulk hands.

maybe we noticed them because green stands out in an office that seems to only have two colors, black and white. regardless, we were happy to sit down in AT’s office to learn how they fit into the big picture.

hulk hands

did mom and pops give you the hulk hands for christmas?

AT: actually the c.o.s. (that's chief of station) gave them to me at the end of his tour in afghanistan. they sit on my desk as a reminder of what a powerful year that was.

what did you take away from that trip?

AT: I learned what it means to be a part of a team. there was so much purpose
behind everything we did at the CIA and my goal is to keep that same focus at the heart of every move we make at umano.

is that element a major part of umano today?

AT: absolutely. everyone at hq is extremely passionate about giving. our skills help us do our jobs but our grit and drive to empower kids is what unites us all.

was afghanistan a turning point for you?

AT: afghanistan was the turning point for me. seeing the challenges kids face there made the idea of social entrepreneurship even more rewarding. every kid deserves the tools
to unlock their creative potential; it's not about race, color or creed.

do you hope to expand the giveback to that part of the world in the future?

AT: we want to grow our Giving Program to reach every kid that needs it. this isn’t just about giving them school supplies, it's about helping them find raw confidence in themselves and helping them create their own path.

it takes a team who is committed to doing what some may believe is impossible until it's done. a team who understands the importance of our mission and is driven to make a difference one kid at a time. that, and a pair of green hands as a constant reminder along the way of the story we are telling.

hulk hands
hulk hands