six killer facts on day of the dead

Posted on October 14 2015

the season of spooky festivities has finally arrived and we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure you are well equipped for whatever costume, cocktail party or halloween soirée you plan to attend.

a little background info: our Artist, Jessica, from tulancingo, mexico, drew the raddest sugar skull so obviously we have to highlight her. of course, there’s only one holiday where #THESKULL is king and that’s the day of the dead.


but tbh…who actually knows what day of the dead is?
here’s the run down of six killer day of the dead facts for #THESKULL. pun definitely intended.
  1. lets start with the basics. day of the dead, aka día de muertos, is a traditional mexican holiday where sugar skulls represent the souls of the departed.
  1. day of the dead lasts two or even three days. so we don’t have to limit ourselves to one night of candy binging. turns out the day of the dead usually runs from november 1st to the 2nd. and in some circles the celebration even begins october 31. jackpot.
  1. okay, the celebration does take place in a graveyard, but it’s not depressing or weird, it is day of the dead after all. families laugh and tell stories about their ancestors while bands parade, serenade, and the mescal flows like wine.
  1. there is an official flower of the day of the dead. the marigold is everywhere during the celebration. the pretty yellow-orange flowers are believed to attract the spirits of ancestors. (editor’s note: this isn’t mulan, so ancestors spirits aren’t exactly what we’re searching for)
  1. the desserts are freakishly delicious. sugar skulls, sometimes personalized, are a staple of the holiday and pan de meurto is a holiday favorite. how often do we get to appease our sweet tooth with a world class dessert shaped like a skull and cross bones? answer: between 2-3 days out of the year.
  1. there’s more than one way to celebrate it. the aztecs, the americans, several cultures have a taste of sugar skulls these days. each culture adds their own flare to the holiday.
and there you have ‘em. go impress some people.
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