our journey for perfect fabric

Posted on June 24 2014

our signature fabric is what anchors our design point of view. it is luxe but straightforward and unpretending. it is how we pair elevated simplicity with an understated confidence to create our fashion essentials that are distinctly wearable and as effortless as they are sexy. we have loved using Modal fabrics since the beginning and our passion obsession for creating the perfect basics took my brother and me on a six-month journey to develop a fabric that is a true work of art. after visiting dozens of mills in several different countries we found the best textiles in Turkey, where we spent three months working together with our supply chain partners (yarn spinner, knitter, and dye house) to develop our signature fabric. we proudly dubbed it omobono.

the fabric.

we adjusted the spindle widths in the knitting process, ultimately deciding on a larger spread. we found a thicker, 30 denier elastane. we increased the weight to compensate for the super fine 40/1 yarn count. we then tested different elastane fibers and combinations to get a matte finish. shiny fabric is not our style. even after repeated washing, omobono does not lose its fantastic softness or wonderful feel and performs exceptionally well in pill tests. these technical adjustments helped us create a single knit, jersey fabric that is freakishly-soft, incredibly airy, and super fine with an unmatched hand.

saint Homobonus is the patron saint of clothworkers. his name is derived from the Latin homo bonus, meaning "good man.” born Omobono Tucenghi, a tailor and merchant from Cremona in northern Italy, he was a married man who worked passionately to uplift people living in poverty. he died on 13 November 1197, his feast day is celebrated on 13 November, and he was canonized in 1199 at the urgent request of the citizens of Cremona. Homobonus was able to pursue his calling in life in large part because of the inheritance he received from his father, a prosperous tailor and merchant. he practiced his craft in Cremona with scrupulous honesty and donated a large proportion of his profits. Homobonus is “a man good in name and deed” and hence an inspiration and our homage. hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. with love from Athens, GA - jonathan p.s. touch it, i dare you not to love it.

the namesake.