music spotlight: futurebirds

Posted on April 26 2016

unleashing creativity has no limits and knows no boundaries. it’s all about putting good vibes into the world no matter what the medium, and at umano hq one of our favorite ways to unleash creativity is by rocking it out!

we recently had the pleasure of going backstage with futurebirds, a band that definitely know how to rock it out! they’ve been touring the u.s., making it from oregon to florida, and we were lucky enough to meet up with them in our shared hometown of athens, ga. they played to a packed house at the 40 watt for the venue’s 25
th anniversary, and the show was vibrating with rhythmic energy from the start. concert-goers danced the entire time as the band enchanted the audience in that way that only the greats can.

our take away from the concert? you’ll definitely want to be a groupie.
read on for our exclusive q+a

but before the band jammed out, we sat down with brannen miles (reppin' THE MOTO) + daniel womack (rockin' THE BEAR) to delve into how they unleash creativity through their music.


our favorite quotes from our chat with them?

“unicorns are my  favorite animal”

“there are no limits in life”

more insightful mottos to come.

how’d you find your sound?

it’s americana. we take all of “it” and just put it in there. we love merle haggard, and everything awesome.

 how did y’all get together?

some of us met through uga, others were interns at a recording studio nearby. we shared people from a few different bands too.

where’d “futurebirds” come from?

carter (guitar) was a student here at uga taking a poultry evaluation class where he learned about these medieval chickens that could determine the outcome of a battle. these clairvoyant birds became the inspiration for our name.

what’s your creative process for making music like?

we’re constantly listening. everyone in the band kind of writes on their own since we’re all a bit spread out but we keep each other in mind and then we come together and work things out. sometimes we just start from a skeleton and then flesh it out too.

dream venue?

madison square garden, anywhere in japan, radio city music hall, red rocks, the gorge in washington, or the coliseum in pompeii, italy

who have been some of your inspirations?

the beach boys, rolling stones, the grateful dead, and gram parsons

what’s your favorite city to play in (besides athens, of course)?

austin and houston in texas, san francisco and joshua tree park in california, chicago, portland, jacksonhole in wyoming, new york; the pacific northwest has awesome vibes.

most memorable experience?

first time we played bonnaroo- the energy was incredible.

who has been your favorite artist to play with?

susto from charleston, sc

diarrhea planet from nashville, tn

 if you weren’t musicians what would you be doing?

brannen: riding on the back of a garbage truck, or still being in the entertainment business

daniel: a fishing guide or maybe a kindergarten school teacher

boxers or briefs?

boxers but recently converted to briefs

favorite childhood tv show?

“doug”, “rocko’s modern life”, “rugrats”, “dukes of hazard”, and “hey dude”

rolling stones or the beatles?


 coke or pepsi (or beer)?

coke (with wings) but beer is always the staple

feeling like a fan? check out their music on: