umano art collective FAQ


how much does it cost?
- a 3 month subscription is $80 ($27 per tee and we give 3 backpacks)
- a 6 month subscription is $145 ($24 per tee and we give 6 backpacks)
- a 12 month plan is $250 ($21 per tee and we give 12 backpacks)

do I pay when I subscribe or once a month?
you pay once when you subscribe, and then you’re all set for the duration of your subscription plan. absolutely no recurring charges to worry about.

how many tees do I get every month?
with the subscription you get one tee every month featuring limited-edition Artwork.  

are these for men only?
umano art collective Artwork is featured on our men’s standard issue tees and curated with a male customer in mind but you don’t have to be a man to subscribe. interested in a women’s subscription box? let our customer service squad know, and we’ll work on expanding our subscription box asap!
how do I cancel?
art collective membership is paid in advance and is not automatically renewed, so there’s no need to cancel. we’ll send you a reminder to re-subscribe when you get your last shipment, but if you decide you have enough tees once your subscription runs out that’s cool too, you can always rejoin at any time.



do you ship internationally?
the art collective is only offered in the US  at this time

when will I receive my tee?
tees will be mailed out on the 5th of each month! if you order a subscription box after the 5th of the month, the first box will be shipped on the 5th of the following month.*
do I have to pay for shipping?
nope! FREE shipping included is a perk of being an art collective member!
how can I update my shipping address?
if you moved, just shoot an email to and our squad will update your address.

can I return/exchange?
we do not offer returns or exchanges on collective orders, but trust us, the Artwork is dope! you’re gonna look gooooood.



what is special about the Artwork?
they’re limited-edition designs that are not sold to “normal” customers that are not art collective members. they are hand selected by alex, our ce-bro, and there are some very special stories behind the Artwork we’ll share with you each month.

can I pick my tee?
everyone gets the same tee each month, but it will be something new and unique and super awesome every time.

still have questions? email and we’ll get back to you asap.