​the topic of compensating the Artists for their drawings is one that our team has considered and discussed at great depth. while the discussion is certainly not over, we'd like to explain more about how our process works and the reasons we do not currently pay the Artists directly.

​- we start every new Artwork cycle with a Giving Trip in which our small team travels in person to areas of need and partners with schools or non-profits who have reached out to us. while we may end up selecting a handful of designs to showcase on our tees, we hand-deliver the backpacks full of art supplies to ALL the children in the grade-level, school, or organization (exactly which depends on the wishes of the Giving Partner). through our giving, our activities/ lesson plans, and time spent one-on-one with the students, our goal is to show the kids that they are important. they matter. their art matters. we value their art, creativity, and potential, and we want to help them to continue unleashing their creativity with tools they may not otherwise have.

​- any Artwork we select for printing on tees must have a signed release form from the Artist's parent/ guardian which clearly explains how the Artwork will be utilized. the kids and parents have absolute discretion to allow us to showcase their child's art or not. the kids and parents who agree to participate are very excited that their drawing is being showcased on tees for people all over the world to proudly wear. the families are proud that they are "kids helping kids" - their one drawing has the potential to provide backpacks full of art supplies to possibly hundreds or thousands of other kids.

​- finally, we feel strongly that a monetary payment to the select Artists would introduce a feeling of competition during the drawing process that would negatively impact the Giving Trip and creative experience for the children. we want to avoid the situation of kids drawing for the sake of winning money or receiving any pressure from their parents to have their drawing picked so they can be paid. we certainly have plans and goals to expand our giving as our business grows, and hope to fund art scholarships, creativity centers, teacher grants, and more in the future.

we hope this additional information provides more insight into our process and approach. we're happy to continue the conversation at customerservice@umano.com if you have more questions or thoughts to share.