brothers, jonathan & alex torrey, were born in california, bounced around and ended up in athens, georgia. their parents, both teachers, rooted in them the strong belief that every kid deserves a chance; it's not about geography, color, or creed. the brothers are maniacally, relentlessly, and zealously passionate about empowering kids to unleash their creativity. inspired by the raw confidence in a kid’s drawing, they design every silhouette detail, handpick the world’s most freakishly soft fabrics—all the way down the yarn—partner with supremely skilled clothworkers, and screen print the brand's signature Artwork by hand to create their elevated fashion basics despite not having much fashion experience (zero to be exact). they are redefining the lines.


"you don’t have to choose between doing well and doing good. so be brave, be bold, and do something about it."

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