K-5 Artists are invited to enter our first-ever umano Kartwork (kid's Artwork) contest! winning Kartwork will be featured in a special collection on 12/13 and the Artist will receive a $200 umano.com gift card!

a parent or guardian may submit up to three (3) different Kartwork per child. all approved entries will be displayed in the Kartwork contest gallery at www.umano.com/Kartworkcontest

once the entry period is closed and our judges select five (5) finalists, the public will be invited to vote online to select their favorite Kartwork. help spread the word for your favorite Kartwork by sharing with your friends and family!


  • ENTER - the contest is open for entries for one week, from november 30, 2016 to december 7, 2016
  • VOTE - five finalists will be featured for public voting from december 8, 2016 - december 12, 2016
  • WINNER - the Kartwork with the most votes will be printed on special-release umano tees, to be available on umano.com beginning december 13, 2016, and the winning kid Artist will receive a $200 umano.com gift card
  • GIVEBACK - with every product sold, umano will hand-deliver a backpack full of art supplies to empower a kid to unleash their creativity. this means that the winning Kartwork has the potential to provide hundreds, even thousands of backpacks full of art supplies to kids around the world! the umano Giving Team goes on Giving Trips every six weeks.


    • parents/guardians can post a photo of their child's Kartwork on instagram - account must be set to "public" for this option.
    • in the caption, include the Artist's first name only, age, and brief description of the Kartwork, i.e. "drawn by Sam, age 7. 'my superhero turtle is roller-skating to the park.'"
    • tag us @umanoclothing AND include the hashtags #Kartwork and #contest
    • we will comment and ask you to give permission to post on our gallery page! to complete entry, you must reply with #approve to acknowledge you are a parent/legal guardian of the Artist and hereby accept the terms and conditions.



  • parents/guardians can click on the button below and follow the instructions to upload a photo of their child's Kartwork! 
  • you have the option to upload a photo from your computer, phone, instagram, facebook, dropbox, or google drive.


    we prefer scans of Kartwork for a higher-quality image, but photos will be accepted.

  • LIGHTING: make sure the Kartwork is well lit and free of glare and unnecessary shadows.
  • COMPOSITION: position the camera so that the Kartwork fills the frame and there are no visual distractions in the background.


  • Kartwork that is not original work of the kid Artist will be disqualified.
  • Kartwork that contains copyrighted material will be disqualified.
  • only three Kartwork entries may be submitted per child. additional entries will be disqualified.