the perfect pair

Posted on January 31 2017

valentines day is the perfect opportunity to tell the one who stole your heart how much you like like them! some people go the basic route with a dozen roses,
but you think outside the box (of chocolates), right #umanounion?


our pairs collection is buy one get one free this week. (yes, free!!) spice up your boo's life with THE SALT-N-PEPPER x Alisa and treat yo'self with THE MAC-N-CHEESE x Saron at the same time. (check out our entire pairs collection here.) mix-and-match or matchy-match, it's up to you.

finding the perfect gift for someone isn’t easy, so we’re here to help. our tees have the coolest Kartwork, freakishly-soft fabric and most amazing stories behind them. every umano design was drawn by a kid, and with every product purchased, we will hand-deliver backpacks full of art supplies to empower kids to unleash their creativity. 

we guarantee that your special someone will catch alllllll the feels for you after this gift.


and because we really like you (but not LIKE you like you), we’re sending limited-edition v-day cards with every order thru the 14th.

say goodbye to lame store-bought cards and hello to cheesy Kartwork love notes. now you can ask the big questions like: 

will you brie my valentine? (ft. Kartwork THE MAC-N-CHEESE x Saron)