world relief x umano

Posted on September 20 2016

a few months ago, umano had the opportunity to partner with world relief atlanta and work with refugee kid Artists from all over the world. this experience inspired us to launch one of our favorite collections yet, #umanonations.

world relief atlanta is an organization that partners with local churches to bring sustainable changes to their community and help transform the lives of refugees who have been resettled there.

“it was so neat to be a part of welcoming a refugee family into a new country. it’s awesome how the city has, and continues to, welcome and embrace refugees into their community with the help of world relief.”

-c-lo: umano Giving Team member + director of ecommerce and technology

world relief atlanta, kids from zambia


when joshua, the director of world relief atlanta, graduated college, he told the atlanta office that he would like to volunteer. because they were so busy, they actually offered him a job. he spent the whole summer collecting donated furniture and preparing homes for new refugees. he has been at world relief ever since and has had numerous roles before becoming the director of the atlanta office.


“when you have the chance to introduce our freedoms to someone who is truly “yearning to breathe free,” you realize how great america is. nothing has made me more patriotic.”

-joshua sieweke: director of world relief atlanta 

  world relief atlanta, kids from zambia and alex

for years  now, world relief atlanta has been welcoming refugees from all over the world. one of world relief’s first refugee families lived with a family from one of their church partners while they waited to move into an apartment of their own. joshua shared a story about having dinner with that family:as the father described the life that they left behind, he looked around the table and said, ‘we left family to come to family.’ he was describing his volunteers [that had helped resettle his family], and nothing could have made me happier. ”

that is exactly what world relief wants all of the refugees they work with to feel. world relief hopes to make atlanta feel a bit more like home by surrounding refugees with people who love them like family.

“the team and I got to hang out with the four siblings while their parents attended an orientation meeting. the gratitude they showed us was unbelievable. sometimes I don’t know if the kids we work to empower end up inspiring us more.” - alex torrey: umano Giving Team member + ceo


world relief atlanta, kids from zambia

if you’d like to get involved with world relief, here are three ways: 

  1. give. to adequately care for each refugee, world relief must raise $1,500.00 per refugee. they expect to receive 850 refugees in 2017 alone.
  2. volunteer. world relief hopes to partner each refugee with at least one loving volunteer who will help them adjust to life in the U.S.
  3. advocate. most people do not know the facts about refugees. world relief needs people who do know to share the truth with their neighbors, coworkers, politicians and friends.

we are deeply grateful to have the opportunity to partner with world relief atlanta and witness the love that exudes from everyone involved in the organization.

“to create a welcoming community, the spirit of welcome must exist in all aspects of the community. one person is not enough. everyone must play a part”

-joshua sieweke: director of world relief atlanta