welcome to atlanta

Posted on July 05 2016

elliot liss x umano - atlanta photo

since atlanta is basically in our backyard, a short hour and fifteen minutes away from athens, we knew from the get-go that it would be the first stop on our roadtrip. it’s an awesome city going through a major resurgence rn with a flourishing arts and film scene. plus, atl hosted the 1996 olympic games! with rio right around the corner, we’re definitely vibing on anything and everything olympics related, so atlanta was a stop that could not be missed.
before getting to town we spent some time chatting with elliot liss, an atlanta native and insanely talented photographer. he gave us the skinny on all the best local eats, sights and hangs, and filled us in on how the city inspires and influences his Artwork. we thinks jermaine dupris might wanna watch out cause elliot proves himself to be a true mbp, most ballernous player. his recommendations were on point! keep reading to get to know elliot and atlanta a little better.
elliot liss x umano - braves country photo

how do you unleash your creativity?
el: the best way for me to unleash my creativity is to be surrounded by people that are also creatives, and being outside. there’s something about the two together that really drives my creative level up. exploring and trying new things is also always a great way for me to channel my creativity.
how long have you been in atlanta?
el: crazy, but i’ve been in atlanta for my entire life.

any local inspiration?
el: most definitely. I would say that all of my friends are my main inspiration, all doing something different to stay happy and have food in their mouths and a roof over their heads. also the older generation is a huge inspiration on me because of where they are in life and what it's taken them to get there. it gives you grasp on reality and time... that if you stick with something long enough and try hard enough, anything is possible and anything can happen.

elliot liss x umano - atlanta coffee photo
best place to grab a cup a joe?
el: coffee is like my saving grace. I need at least one cup for my day to be complete. I usually go to the highland bakery only because I can walk there and they have a great coffee roaster. but, If I want the best tasting cup of joe i’ll go to henry & june, octane or chrome yellow. all of their coffee is on point.
what’s your favorite hidden gem in atlanta?
el: that’s easy- lottafrutta. it’s a small restaurant in the old fourth ward that has the most amazing exotic fresh fruit smoothies, fruit cups and the most refreshing sandwiches. not to mention amazing people that work there and keep the place filled with good energy.
where/how to spend your saturday?
el: saturday for me is the best day because everybody is outside. everyone’s doing something fun so there’s an endless amount of options to choose from. I like to spend my saturdays outside, on my bike and with all my friends. at a pool if possible.
elliot liss x umano - atlanta skyline

best place to grab a bite to eat?
el: sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much good food is in this city. it can be extremely hard to pick a place to go grab a bite just because the options are endless and the prices of food in atlanta compared to most other major cities are pretty unbeatable. if I had to recommend a place to eat I would say victory sandwich bar. they have amazing cocktails and super tasty sandwiches and snacks.
where to hit up for a night out?
el: there’s a couple places to go that are fun, but the most fun for a night out would probably be the basement in east atlanta. one saturday a month they have party called keep on movin' where they play super fun music and it’s non-stop dancing all night. I recommend it for everyone.
finish this sentence: “if you come to atlanta you cannot miss ________”
el: I would have to say the beltline. it's pretty much great for everyone all ages. it’s going to someday eventually circle the city’s perimeter. but right now we only have a couple of the sections paved, and I’m fortunate enough to live on the longest paved side of the beltline where you can ride your anything with wheels down to piedmont park and stop along the way for refreshments and knickknacks.

images via elliot liss