staff picks: tees + tunes edition

Posted on December 17 2016

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if you don’t know which Kartwork to pick, we’ve got you covered there too. read on for staff picks of tees under $50 + some tunes to get you in that cozy holiday mood.

    • alex doodle
    • tee of choice: THE BEAR white crew

      it’s no secret that I have a thing for bears. my family nickname is "oso" (spanish for bear) and that was also my callsign in afghanistan. but don't take my word for it, check out all the sports teams with bear mascots, the cartoons about bears, movies with epic bear scenes, the online quizzes that prove your spirit animal is a bear, you get the point. bears are awesome and everyone knows that! plus, there is nothing more classic than a white crewneck tee. add those up and you've found your new wardrobe MVP.

      cozy songs of choice:

      night train - amos less + I don’t know - lisa hannigan
      (guilty pleasure song: wham! - last christmas)

      stuff-starting goals for 2017

      for me, 2017 will be about building on our momentum and taking bigger and bigger steps towards our Giving Goal. we ended 2016 with a bang! we launched umano mini, our new kid’s line, got a super awesome response to our first ever Kartwork contest, and awarded our first Ticket to Give! 2017 the team and I are going to hunker down, get even grittier, and focus on creating new experiences for people to discover, shop, and share Kartwork!

    • molly doodle
    • tee of choice: THE SKULL white crew

      I like the crew because it’s a utilitarian, slightly androgynous silhouette. THE SKULL x Jessica is a personal fave because it was one of my first designs to make it on a tee when I was senior graphic designer. now I’m brand manager and when I wear THE SKULL I feel like a badass! my dog, footers has a bandana with THE SKULL on it, so we can both be badasses at the office.

      cozy songs of choice:

      the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us - sufjan stevens + lion’s mane - iron & wine
      (guilty pleasure song: I don’t really like holiday music. [bah humbug! am I right.] )

      stuff-starting goals for 2017

      I’m making at least 2 personal fine art prints this year, either screen prints or woodcuts. no more excuses! I’ll also be working on my portfolio site, a never-ending project. hopefully I can get motivated enough to host a monthly sunday brunch with my friends. I have a killer secret recipe for hashbrowns. [she’s not lying, guys.]

    • mercedes doodle
    • tee of choice: THE TINY DANCER black crew

      since I’m not much of a morning person [not a morning person at all*], I like having a small selection of simple pieces in my closet so whatever I throw on pre-coffee (mostly) matches. that’s why THE TINY DANCER is my favorite! it’s comfortable + understated on photoshoots and professional for meetings.

      cozy songs of choice:

      cape code kwassa kwassa -vampire weekend + coming home - leon bridges
      (guilty pleasure song: baby it’s cold outside. so creepy, so catchy)

      stuff-starting goals for 2017

      I’m super stoked to continue strengthening my photography - for both umano shoots and personal growth! I’m also excited to track my year with the one second everyday app: you take a one second video every day and it creates a 365 day montage. it’s p dope. I’m expecting the montage to contain 97% umano-related activities and I am 100% ok with that. also excited about documenting some incredible Giving Trips in 2017!! stay tuned.

    • cindy doodle
    • tee of choice: THE FIXIE mini

      my daughters and I are beyond excited about the new umano mini kid's line! our first pick? THE FIXIE, of course. we'll be sporting matching ones on our next family bike ride. [stay tuned for photos bc they will be CUTE].

      cozy songs of choice:

      misty - sarah vaughan + morning theft - jeff buckley
      (guilty pleasure song: chestnuts roasting on an open fire. something just makes me want to serenade everyone in the room when this song comes on)

      stuff-starting goals for 2017

      I’ll be chasing down that elusive work-life-kids balance thing. still giving it my all on the professional side, but being more present when I’m home with the fam. (no more phubbing! and like a true technology addict, I'll be using this awesome forest app to help me stay more engaged with my people IRL!) also carving out daily self-preservation time to practice yoga, the only thing that keeps me sane. last thing - I’ll be calling my representatives regularly using these super-handy tips to make my voice heard on issues I care deeply about.

  • mikael doodle
  • tee of choice: THE WISHBONE black crew

    I love the punk rock vibes this tee gives off that are reminiscent of 80s and early 90s. a great tee to rock when listening to your old favorites or moshing at a show! [he does both]

    cozy songs of choice:

    the times they are a changin- bob dylan + blue eyes - destroyer
    (guilty pleasure song: don’t shoot me santa - the killers)

    stuff-starting goals for 2017

    just started on two big projects for myself that I will explore more in 2017. the first one is the biggest free-hand abstract drawing I have ever done, 30 inches x 30 feet. I hope to have it finished by the end of summer. the other is an animation project where I meet up with people and record the conversations so that I can later animate them. my goal is make this project last at least for a whole year, but if I see it going further that’s no problem by me. [follow mx-2 and his killer side projects on insta]