rose parade

Posted on July 21 2016

portland lauren arbo x umano

city of roses or bust! next stop portland, the coolest town where you’ll find anything but ordinary. starting from day one, things were done their own way here when a coin toss sealed the fate of the city’s name. fast-forward a hundred and some odd years, and people still do things their own way like leaving their hula-hoops securely locked to bike-racks. this place also has a unique dynamic where city vibes and outdoor adventures are all within reach. plus, portland is also home to decathlete and olympic gold medal winner ashton james eaton (yes, we love the olympics). we just couldn’t miss out.
with so many things to do, see and eat, we reached out to our to laura arbo, super creative blogger and photographer, and she graciously agreed to show us the best time ever. if you don’t know her, you should. keep reading to get to know her and her city crush of portland a little better.

lauren arbo x umano portland

how do you unleash your creativity?
la: the less online I am comparing myself to everybody else, the more creative I find myself. I feel mostly inspired when I'm reading, listening to new music on spotify, exploring the city on foot or by bike and sharing a meal with people that inspire me to see the world differently.
how long have you been in portland?
la: I've wanted to be in portland since the 5th grade but I've officially lived here since january. took a few years but I finally made it. :)
any local inspiration?
la: the city itself is alive and the electricity is contagious. just going to the park is inspirational because you see people doing so many different things! we love bringing a blanket, snacks and a frisbee to the park and being a part of what's happening. they say portland is weird, and it's true. it's beautiful and weird and free and anything goes. I've never lived anywhere as judgment free as this beautiful city and I'm constantly inspired by my neighbors and their kindness towards each other. it's narnia.

where/how to spend your saturday?
la: when the weekend comes we are headed outside! we'll plan a camping trip with friends, float the river, go hiking through the columbia river gorge or bike through portland. the weekends are our times to play and we work really hard at it. if the sun is even somewhat out, we're outside. so much beauty to explore.
lauren arbo x umano portland

best place to grab a cup a joe?
la: good coffee or albina press in se portland are my absolute faves. plus, they're beautiful and the baristas are super friendly and just a bike ride away!
what’s your favorite hidden gem in portland?
la: oh goodness. there are so many. our best days start with pip's donuts and end with happy hour at aalto and thai food from pad thai kitchen. it's a little hole in the wall place but it's widely known...because it's the best!
best place to grab a bite to eat?
la: por que no! oh goodness, tacos, guac, salsa, beans and rice bowls! I'm there at least twice a week.
where to hit up for a night out?
la: happy hour at aalto, dancing at good foot, after party pizza at sizzle pie. we also love a good old fashioned backyard bbq with our dearest friends. it doesn't get much better than that.

lauren arbo x umano

finish this sentence: “if you come to portland you cannot miss ________”
la: donuts! and a drive out to columbia river gorge! we eloped at one of the waterfalls off the trail and the beauty is unmatched.
what does the city of portland mean to you?
la: it's a literal dream come true. I fell in love with oregon while doing a research project in the 5th grade and couldn't get it out of my mind. I worked remotely from portland for 6 years while living in texas and it never worked out to move there permanently. matt and I got married 1.5 years ago and he made it his personal goal to get us there and it worked! I suppose he was the missing piece of the puzzle. we're falling in love with each other and falling in love with the city more and more every day.
any plans for this summer?
la: my wild man of a husband is currently salmon fishing in alaska but once he comes home we're planning a backpacking trip through crater lake. we got engaged there a few years ago and can't wait to go back! We're also hoping for a tulum, mexico trip at the end of summer if we can work our tails off and make it happen. It's so dreamy.