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Posted on August 23 2016

umano ce-bro alex in nashville on a Giving Trip

“I am convinced most people have no idea how beautiful their own stories are.” –donald miller

we’ve been up to a lot of new things lately that we think are super cool but one thing definitely tops all others as the most rewarding. this summer, umano partnered with refugee relief organizations in tennessee and georgia to work with refugee Artists from all over the world. it has been amazing to see their awesome creative talent come to life through their Artwork, but it has been even more amazing to get to know these kids and
their beautiful stories firsthand.

umano team member and Artist on a Giving Trip in clarkston, ga

from the girls tutorial at friends of refugees in clarkston, ga:

"a few weeks ago during tutoring, I overheard some of my girls talking about the tribes their families belonged to back in africa. when one of the girls heard the name of her friend's tribe, she proclaimed ‘that this was the group that drove her and her family out of their country!’ what followed this comment was the last thing I expected. both girls stopped for a moment, looked back at each other as if to say ‘I'm sorry,’ then hugged each other with a smile and said, ‘I love you.’ they then continued doing their homework as best friends. this happened between a christian and a muslim.” -jessica, friends of refugees

umano team member and Artist on a Giving Trip in nashville, tn

working with refugee Artists has been very special for us. we have been able to see and hear about their journey firsthand. we want to share that experience with you by showing you some of their Artwork because there is so much value in the stories behind their drawings.

umano Artists on a Giving Trip in clarkston, ga

programs like friends of refugees in clarkston, ga and journey, part of world relief, in nashville, tn are doing incredible work to support and educate refugees, both children and adults, fleeing from broken countries. they encourage hope for a better future. we are extremely proud to be their partners.

thank you for the opportunity.

umano Artist on a Giving Trip in clarkston, ga

check out the collection here: