my sweet carolina

Posted on July 11 2016

next up on the umano states of america road trip is charleston, sc. known by locals as “the holy city”, this town oozes southern charm and hospitality. it’s one of the oldest cities in america so it’s super haunted (ghost tour anyone?) and laden with tons of dope pre-civil-war era architecture. it’s also home to the charleston museum, the very first museum in the u.s., and fort sumter. with so much character and history, we we just had to get to know this place a little better.
thankfully our tour guide candice lorraine, uga grad + ridiculously talented photo stylist and event designer, had some great insights on the town she now calls home. she’s also quite the foodie, and knows the best snacks and spots the city has to offer. keep reading to learn more about charleston, candice  and her cool connection to the 2016 olympic games.

how do you unleash your creativity?
cl: thankfully my job calls for me to be creative all the time. whether it is playing with food or styling an invitation suite, there is always space to play around with something. I love photoshoot days when I am throwing ingredients on a table or if I get to fold ribbons and have them arranged "strategically" for the perfect photo. I have found that when there are days that might be more meetings and emails and less creating with my hands, I have to doodle (I am not kidding, I have all the adult coloring books you can imagine) or I cook, yeah... cook! cooking can be creative too! whatever kind of day it is, I have to find a great release of energy (the coffee has to flow through my body to somewhere).
how long have you been in charleston?
cl: truly just a few months, not long, but I definitely have done my fair share of exploring. the best part of charleston is how much there is to do. everyone I meet here is constantly reminding me how lucky I am to live here, just how much there is to do and see an experience.
best place to grab a cup a joe?
cl: kudu coffee & craft beer, tucked downtown, it's great to stop at in between meetings. truly the best little nook to hide and there is no internet, so you actually have to focus on your work!
what’s your favorite hidden gem in charleston?
cl: hampton park! I am so in love with the walking loop, the fountains, all the families and kids running around. it is so calm and quiet, a great place to run and escape.
where/how to spend your saturday?
cl: well, if it isn't a wedding weekend, I love going out to wadmalaw island (near where the notebook was filmed!) and sit out on the dock with my good friends. sometimes we take the boat out and just sit out on the ocean. there is nothing that compares to just sitting out on the water, watching dolphins jump up and down around you. the water is so calming. the second it is sunny outside, everyone in charleston is out on the water. it is everyone's favorite activity and you can't argue with them. the ocean is captivating and everyone is drawn to it.

any local inspiration?
cl: teil duncan, I desperately want to meet this girl. I have seen her work all over town, in shops and even decor for restaurants. she is so talented, and she represents charleston with the bold and bright colors. I love her beach scenes, and I love how she uses color to show how happy and alive this town is. I want to meet her so badly, on the charleston bucket list for sure.

best place to grab a bite to eat?
cl: i could stay at 167 raw oysters all day everyday. sitting at the oyster bar and watching them shuck for you, the guys who work there are hilarious and entertaining, they know their oysters and they know their seafood. it's a small place, so you feel super cozy and so excited to get a spot. it's already one of my most frequented restaurants, I absolutely love it. warehouse has the best deviled eggs! yes, I said deviled eggs. they change them up often, I have never had such a mind blowing experience with an egg before... but trust me friends, it's a game changer. also, go to edmund’s oast and get the meat and cheese board, it's quite literally to die for. I have so many instagrams of their food, it is just so beautiful and delicious. great place for a happy hour, or just a long night of multiple courses. 

where to hit up for a night out? 
cl: the alley because who doesn't love bowling? I had an incredible experience here on Memorial Day weekend, and I have a lovely instagram video of me falling down hard as I made the rookie mistake of crossing the line after I rolled the bowling ball... needless to say, it went straight into the gutter and my butt still hurts from the experience. but in other news, this is a lively and upbeat place. tons of people and tons of games: loud, full and exciting.

finish this sentence: “if you come to charleston, you cannot miss ________”
cl: the rarebit's moscow mule, absolutely the tastiest one I have ever had. also, 
walk the battery. it has the most iconic view and nothing beats having that amazing ocean air around you while walking near rainbow row. definitely the most popular of tourist sites, but absolutely worth walking around and enjoying the gorgeous charleston homes. I could walk around this city over and over again.

what does the city of charleston mean to you?
cl: it means working hard, and playing hard. everyone here works 8-5pm, gives it all they have... then walks outside the office and enjoys the rest of the day. weekends are sacred.

any plans for this summer?
cl: I definitely want to visit candlefish and make my own candle. such a unique experience and I cannot wait to hide away in the ac and escape the charleston humidity one afternoon. i also want to go to the newly renovated gibbes museum of art. it is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to walk around
with the olympics coming up, we want to know your favorite olympic sport and/or athlete?
cl: jarryd wallace, hands down has won my heart, and I am 100x lucky enough to be styling his wedding to my dear friend, lea, his fiancé.
images via candice lorraine