five reasons we love social entrepreneurship

Posted on February 14 2017

before jonathan + alex torrey made their first tee, they chose a definitive mantra: 
you don’t need to choose between doing well and doing good.
the brothers were undoubtedly put on this earth to be social entrepreneurs, believing success should be measured in influence, rather than financial performance alone. it takes a special breed to run this kind of operation, but AT says they would never have it any other way. here’s why…

jt + at

1. our
 team is its own culture.
umano hq is filled with the brightest; aspiring entrepreneurs, brand managers, photographers, creative directors, animators (the list goes on) push us to challenge our creativity every day. we are united by the need to empower those Artists and unleash their creativity.

2. you 
only do what you love.

the saying goes: find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…we couldn’t agree more. giving 10 million backpacks is a journey, but knowing the impact we will leave on the next generation makes us love every step of the way. 

3. you embrace being the underdog.

you don’t have to be bankrolled to make an impact. we may not be the most experienced or connected guys in the room, but our passion to empower continues to take us places we only dreamed about.

alex's birthday celebration...we all dressed like him

4. there is so much fuel for the fire.

every day we meet more people who identify with our mission. from boutique owners to our closest friends, so many people see the need for our cause. the collective support speaks volumes about how our giving cycle has touched many others.

5. our story is just beginning.

we are still a small, bootstrapped company in the fashion capital of athensga, but every victory shows us the vast potential of our giveback. 50,000 backpacks or 50 million backpacks…the sky’s the limit. 

kids with their new backpacks!