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Posted on March 29 2016

it’s spring people, and we’re pumped about it.  with the weather warming up it’s time to break out the spring wardrobe: tees and tanks with our favorite Artwork, sandals, cropped tops, and cutoffs to go with it. but where to find these rad looks without breaking the (piggy) bank and have fun doing it? 
no need to sweat; we’ve compiled a list of thrift shopping tips and tricks that would make macklemore proud. here is our guide to getting you the most badass vintage at the best bang for your buck. 


@ dynamite in athens, ga

1. denim on denim on denim…..on denim

from vintage, reworked levi’s from the 90s to acid washed, high-waisted “mom jeans,” you can find every shade and cut of desired blue jeans at your local thrift store. you may think denim would be one of the harder finds, but patience and a good eye is all it takes. go for the distressed look; embrace the holey-ness in a pair of jeans and accept the wear and tear of the most rad denim jacket. mix and match the best vintage cutoffs with your favorite umano muscle tee, and you’ll have heads turning. 

@ community in athens, ga

2. turn that tee upside down

we’re big fans of repurposing tees this season. think about it, saving money while owning a shirt no one else has? genius! whether it’s with added patchwork, buttons, zippers, you can rock the most unique tee by taking a peak in your favorite thrift shop. if you want to unleash your creativity, get to work and learn how make these changes yourself! (we recommend watching countless pinterest diy videos to get it just right)

@ dynamite in athens, ga

3. the key to finding the goods

“patience is a virtue.” isn’t that what your mother always said? we may disagree on things such as waiting for dessert after dinner, but when it comes to thrift shopping, your mother may be right.  tbh, thrift shopping takes some much needed perseverance, time, and effort. from digging through racks on racks (on racks) to sweating through “granddads clothes,” we promise the slight frustration is worth it. our advice: keep an open mind, and you may find exactly what you were looking for. or better yet, you’ll find that gem you never knew you needed. 

@ community in athens, ga

4. the icing on the cake

“I say accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. if you don’t accessorize, someone else will.”- venus williams

from the tennis courts to the street, we dig the advice from venus. accessories complete any look, and you’ll be sure to find an abundance of them in your local thrift shops. from a vintage leather satchel, to a chunky, bold statement necklace, take advantage of the lower prices and eclectic designs to add a little spunk to your spring outfit. 


head to your nearest thrift store to get the spring wardrobe you may not need, but definitely deserve. happy hunting, #umanounion.

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