love where you work

Posted on March 18 2016

for us, 
umano hq feels like home…there’s just no other way to put it. maybe it’s the eclectic styles and stories or the opportunity to empower a generation. whatever the reason, we love where we work. cofounder alex torrey knows the way to foster limitless creativity is sharing a passion. AT has always stressed the importance of culture within umano hq, and today he shared some advice on encouraging the team.


when it rains, play in the puddles.

we moved our morning, sunshine launch party into jittery joe’s warehouse because of a thunderstorm. people showed up, musicians played on bags of coffee beans and it was even better than we planned.


adopt a dog-friendly workplace.

meet footers, umano hq’s one and only four-legged mascot. she’s great for office moral and ensures walks are taken (and given) routinely.


life deserves a soundtrack.

we go by our dj names and always have time to rant about what’s playing on our spotify (while nomin' on some animal crackers).

change up the weekly meetings.

meetings would be boring if they were emails. sometimes the most creative ideas are spawned over brews at the local watering hole.


embrace your roots.

we never miss a chance to brag about the people who empowered us to chase a dream. muchas gracias, mom + pops.