one fish two fish red fish blue fish

Posted on March 02 2016

“if we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.”
–ralph waldo emerson

books are such a strong source of creativity, and since our Artists are bursting with it, we try to harness their raw confidence and apply it to our lives. recently, we stopped to check in at one of our Partner Schools to check out (pun intended) some potential sources of their creativity. after all, it is the anniversary of dr. seuss’s birthday and national read across america day! enjoy the quotes below, we dare you to try to contain your laughter.

when you have a special talent…

“I can read with my eyes closed.”

a taste for the finer (dr. seuss) things in life…

“green eggs and ham”, “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish”, “cat in the hat”

the best things about books are…

“how they decorate the pictures and words”

“the realistic parts”

(and the fictional) “princesses, smurfs, and the tiny people”

“they make me want to be an illustrator”

having options…

“I can read them at home or at school”


“I don’t like books that are too long. chapter books are real hard.”

“I can’t find my library book. so I got fined.”

when you’re so into your book you forget where you are…

“my favorite thing in art class is reading. oh wait…nevermind.”

 so honor dr. seuss by grabbing your copy of “horton hears a who”, and become a kid again for the day. read on, #umanounion