umano HQ style

Posted on July 24 2014

with a new batch of summer interns comes new personalities, new styles and new ways to Rock a Pocket. this week we’re featuring three members of the umano team and asking them about their personal style.

up first the digital marketing analytics master herself, jackie.

when asked to describe her style in three words, she said comfortable, eclectic, and developing.

jackie’s wearing the white classico tank with THE FLOWER.
for the ultimate casual summer look Jackie’s wearing a maxi skirt, denim vest, and her heart shaped “sunnies.”   

in the men's white vneck tee is our business analyst, sina.

sina gave us three words that represent his style: spontaneous, creative, and extroverted.

he's rocking THE EDDIE because nothing is more spontaneous than looking at the world upside down.
pastel chino shorts round out his look.

last but certainly not least, meet one of our copywriters, maegan.

maegan describes her style with the words classic, bright, and flare. She rocks the black classico scoopneck tee with THE TINY DANCER plus red keds and black paperbag belted shorts. Red and black are definitely a go-to color combo in the classic city. (go dawgs!)  

stay tuned for more personal looks from hq.