introducing our signature

Posted on June 08 2014

dear, friends, we just took a monster step to define our design point of view. we're extremely proud and excited to introduce our core collection. the mark we wish to make on fashion. our signature. umano-_-classico_380px umano Classico we’re inspired by the plainspoken aesthetic from downtown Manhattan and the genuine ease of the West Coast surf culture. the umano girl represents the elevated simplicity and understated confidence that we find most attractive. this collection is an ode to craftsmanship and textile. it's relatively simple to sew a t-shirt but designing the perfect tee requires as much craftsmanship as a complicated dress. subtle details loom large and make all the difference in the world. we're so familiar with everyday basics that we become extremely particular about them. that's why my brother and I spent a year perfecting every silhouette detail and developing our signature omobono jersey knit fabric. to create a collection of perfect, everyday fashion essentials. our core collection is reserved for our most iconic and heroic styles that embody the heart and soul of umano. without further ado, we present umano classico. with love from Athens, GA Xx, jonathan & alex