what is umano

Posted on February 05 2014


when people first “meet” us they might see our PocketArt—our badge—meet the brothers, hear our passion, support our giveback, like our style, but hopefully they also will get to know us. we would love for you to get to know us. so let’s get right to it, what is umano? when asked, we respond first with a smile because it’s hard to sum us up in just a couple of words. we’re so many things: a fashion brand with a luxe but straightforward look, where the genuine ease of west coast surf culture meets the plainspoken aesthetic from downtown manhattan; a social enterprise, believing that a sound business idea can also help solve a global problem because the two aren’t mutually exclusive; an advocate for education by empowering kids in impoverished communities with the basic school supplies they need to help themselves succeed; a brand homegrown in athens, ga, a town that can’t really be described with words but rather a feeling; but above all, we are a movement that embodies the sense of being bold, being brave, and being u. and that’s just the beginning…

but if we had to sum ourselves up in a couple of words, we'd say:
umano is fashion with a purpose.

the fashion, the giving, the lifestyle, the people, and our community are all separate pieces of what makes up umano and are at the core of what we do and why we love to do it. each of these elements mesh together to create a fashion brand that elevates the everyday and is steered by our mission to empower kids. these are the threads that connect us. get to know us. and join us.