10 reasons why we support art education

Posted on November 01 2016


“art education is not about learning to draw. it’s about learning to see.” -alex torrey: brother + ceo  


umano is a story of two brothers on a journey to mesh fashion and philanthropy. jonathan + alex torrey believe in the unlimited potential of a kid’s imagination and believe that art inspires kids to create their own path.

kids draw the art + with every product you purchase, umano will give a backpack full of art supplies to empower a kid to unleash their creativity.

here are 10 reasons why we are passionate about supporting art education:

1. art is the most promising catalyst for social change

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check out how art creates social change in 5 TED talks


2. art is a universal language in which we can understand and appreciate other cultures

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3. art education increases students ability to express ideas, solve problems creatively and collaborate with others

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learn more about the Giving Partners that inspired us to launch the #umanonations collection


4. art education is related to higher attendance rates in school

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5. art education is related to higher standardized test scores

art education is related to higher test scores

6. students who participate in the arts have a higher rate of graduating

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learn more about our detroit Giving Partner, the FATE program


7. there is a correlation between art education and improved literacy skills

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learn more about our Giving Partner, World Relief


8. art education connects students to the larger world, ultimately improving community cohesion

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learn more about our journey to unleash creativity


9. art education can help rewire the brain in positive ways

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10. access to art education at a young age can lead to being a better employee and excelling in the workplace later in life

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in early 2004, a survey indicated that arts education had been cut by 25%


since 2008, music, art and foreign languages have been cut by more than 80% of school districts


dig our mission? join the #umanounion and become a part of something bigger.

together we can make a change.


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